Bella Italiana: Achieving that relaxed beauty

Most Italian women are not Sophia Loren or Monica Bellucci and most skip the cliché bold cat-eyes and look at me lipstick.

Yet, somehow Italian women seem to always have their beauty in place – effortless polish, refinement and spark. 

How to do it?

Overall the biggest difference between American and Italian beauty is that American women might go for what makes them look good, but Italian women go for what makes them feel good.

That's according to Italian model Mitzi Peirone.

Here are some simple tips--

  • Stress is the true beauty enemy, it makes anyone look older and feel more tired.  Relaxation is a virtue in Italian culture.
  • Much of the Italian beauty routine is dedicated to moisturizing and hydrating skin & hair – think facial moisturizer, salon quality conditioner and body butter.
  • Don’t fear the sun or elements, embrace them – avoid tanning beds and fake tanners.
  • Use color sparingly and strategically. The key with color is restraint, less is more. Let your skin breath to ensure softness and moisture.

  • The Mediterranean Diet fuels the women of Italy, providing nourishment and enrichment inside and out.
  • The diet is rich in farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, supplemented by freshly-caught fish, a small amount of meat, local cheeses, and bread from neighborhood bakeries.
  • Locally grown, zero-kilometer living isn’t a market slogan; it’s just life. And, contrary to the Italian-American thick red and white sauces, most Italians eat very little sauces or dressings.
  • Don’t limit and restrict, indulge and enjoy wholesome, fresh and simple organic foods based on the Mediterranean Diet. 

    • When there is no restriction on enjoying food, there is no need to binge and then feel guilty and diet again, benefiting both physical and mental health.
    • Extra-virgin olive oil serves as a keystone of the Mediterranean Diet. Rich in vitamin E, antioxidants and omegas, this same olive oil is also applied externally to soften and enrich the skin. 
    • Used as a beauty enhancement since Roman times, extra-virgin olive oil helps fight the deleterious effect of free radicals, and contains a naturally-occurring anti-inflammatory chemical.
    • Before moisturizing. Italian women use espresso grounds or fresh herbs & olive oil for body scrub, especially on the thighs and glutes.
    • Coffee both exfoliates but also helps tighten skin while the olive oil works to moisturize.
    • Instead of a mud mask, Italian ladies often use fresh plants or flowers like crushed roses & aloe for a deeper hydration and glow.
    • Smile and indulge in dark chocolate for higher endorphins, serotonin and that perfect smile.

    Following these simple tips can help you achieve a more relaxed, natural beauty.