Focus on Calendula

Focus on Calendula

Hi there! At Sole Toscana, we know how much you love hearing all about our healthy, organic ingredients. Today we focus on one of our favorites:


Calendula is a member of the sunflower and daisy family.  Calendula has a rich yellow and orange color that is beautiful and healing. Commonly known as the Marigold, it possesses anti-inflammatory & healing properties to naturally heal cuts, wounds, and other inflammatory skin conditions. With antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, Calendula promotes fast healing and regeneration of the skin. That is the reason it is used to cure many skin problems. The plant’s herbal properties are quite numerous, and it is used for cosmetics and its beauty benefits. Calendula's striking, vibrant color and wide-ranging medicinal properties make it a unique ingredient. In the past, it was used as a remedy to treat a variety of ailments. Calendula strengthens our reproductive, digestive, lymphatic, respiratory, circulatory, and immune systems.

Calendula's claim to fame is calming and healing the skin. This is because it's naturally nourishing, hydrating, regenerating, healing, calming, soothing, and gently exfoliating. It possesses  a remarkable ability to nourish, moisturize, and improve skin elasticity. Plus it is one of the best rejuvenating, wrinkle decreasing moisture boosts for dry/mature skin types. Calendula oil has restorative properties and deeply hydrates the skin which helps with healing damaged skin, making it look more youthful and more resilient. Calendula oil is so rich with skin-enriching vitamins and fatty acids that it is currently considered to be the best oil for natural, anti-aging skin care products.

We use it as the base ingredient in our Rosehip & Calendula Triple Cream. This lightweight, whipped moisturizer improves the appearance of elasticity and skin tone, while replenishing moisture to provide instant, long-lasting hydration. You'll also enjoy a dewy glow due to the repairing & anti-inflammatory properties of calendula.

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