10 Easy Zero-waste Gift Wrapping Hacks

10 Easy Zero-waste Gift Wrapping Hacks

After finding the perfect gift for your loved one, the next step is to festively envelop it in attractive wrapping. You're probably used to picking up both items at the gift shop, but today we're introducing a twist.

Instead of spending extra money on glossy wrapping paper, plastic bows and tape, try the following Eco-friendly options.

Ten zero-waste gift wrapping ideas

The hacks below will help you gift the planet and your loved ones at the same time. 

1 Hide and Seek

On Christmas eve, after everyone goes to bed, hide your gifts in random places around the house. In the morning, tell your loved ones you hid their unwrapped presents, and they should follow a series of clues to find them.

The treasure hunt experience enhances the excitement of receiving a gift. 

2 Game gifting

Create a game where you give your family members a series of clues. Once they guess the gift correctly, they get the unwrapped present from where it's hidden.

You can also use this idea for their favorite game. For instance, if they love crosswords, make a crossword puzzle that spells the name or the location of their gift. 

3 The stocked stocking

This idea works well when the presents are small enough to fit into a stocking. It can also be an excellent way of keeping the gifts within a certain budget.

You can turn this into a family tradition where all tangible gifts fit into a stocking, and the others are life experiences to be cherished and shared. 

4 Unwrapped wrapping

Just as we don't wrap large items such as bikes or cars, you could do the same for other presents, whether big or small. Use a bow or tag instead.

Put a paper bow or tag on your gift and place it unwrapped under the tree after everyone has gone to bed. 

5 Branded bags

If the present came in a tastefully branded bag or box, use this as the 'wrapping'. Most stores go through great effort to use visually appealing branding. Reusing the original packaging limits additional waste. 

6 Present in a present

Turn up the surprise factor by hiding a present inside another gift. The outer present could be a collectible matryoshka doll, keepsake box, or a stylish tote that your loved one can reuse as a grocery or shopping bag.


7 Herbal additions

Instead of plastic bows, use real herbs to decorate your gift packaging. Examples of herbs include lavender, rosemary, mistletoe, eucalyptus, thyme, or holly berries.

If there's a plant in your hedge that needs pruning, you can use the clippings as decoration. To achieve this, wrap and knot the herb or plant stem securely with some compostable twine and fasten it to your box or dangle it from the gift bag handle.

8 Misdirection wrapping

If your loved one appreciates practical jokes, this hack comes in handy. Reuse a box from a previous purchase like an Amazon delivery box, an old iPhone box, etc.

Sit back and enjoy their changing reactions as they open the box and finally see the gift.

9 DIY bows

Even though designer bows are appealing to the eye, they only add to the tons of plastic in landfills. How about earth-friendly alternatives? 

You can craft bows out of scrap paper, newspaper, biodegradable paper, music sheets, or another reusable resource.

10 Biodegradable flair

For those who cherish the feeling of wrapping up a present, there are various options of biodegradable wrapping paper, ribbons, and tape. Avoid the traditional wrapping items, since most are not recyclable and end up in landfills.

Even though you purchased additional wrapping that might get thrown away, you can rest easy knowing that it will dissolve into zero waste.

Have fun wrapping gifts for your loved ones using these handy hacks. 

With love,

​The Sole Toscana Beauty Team