10 Uses for Essential Oils You May not Know About

10 Uses for Essential Oils You May not Know About

From ancient times, essential oils have featured heavily in beauty routines. But did you know they have benefits other than maintaining beauty? Each oil is unique, has different qualities to offer, and is incredibly versatile.

These oils work well in many DIY home remedies. What's more, they're all-natural, so you can be confident about using them (just like Sole Toscana's organic skincare products.) 

Surprising uses for essential oils

1. Flavor water - an easy way to liven up your drinking water without going through the hassle of slicing lemons is to use a few drops of lemon oil. 

2. Clear skinmost essential oils have antibacterial properties, making them a great aid in healing acne. Beauty experts recommend tea tree and lavender oils the most.

3. Fresh scent for your laundry - adding a few drops of essential oils to a load of laundry before washing will instantly add a pleasant, chemical-free scent.

4. Eliminate odors - garbage bins can smell seriously foul. To remedy this, pour a few drops of scented essential oil on a cotton ball and place it at the bottom of the trash can.

5. Wash produce - instead of synthetic veggie cleaning fluid, use grapefruit seed oil, which has antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities. You get clean veggies minus synthetic chemicals. Add a few drops to a full sink and wash all the vegetables at once.

6. Remove gum - nothing is as annoying as trying to remove chewing gum from your kid's hair. Using a few drops of lemon oil will make the process pain-free. 

7. Freshen shoes - your gym shoes tend to become quite smelly the longer you use them. A few drops of lemon or other pleasant-smelling essential oil will fix this quickly. 

8. Calming effect - lavender oil is perfect for reducing stress and anxiety. Diffuse a little oil or spray around your home, and you'll notice yourself feeling relaxed.

9. Clean wounds - tea tree oil's antibacterial properties make it excellent for cleaning cuts, bruises, and scrapes.

10. Natural bug spray - mix one drop each of citronella, eucalyptus, and lemongrass oil with one teaspoon of coconut oil to make a natural bug spray. Rub on exposed skin to keep those pesky mosquitoes away. By the way, some of the safest, natural, and biodegradable insect repellents on the market use these same ingredients! 

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