3 Misconceptions About Lavender

3 Misconceptions About Lavender

Lavender is one of those herbs that's been in the limelight for so long that there's a lot of buzz around it. Unfortunately, this could potentially interfere with the remedial uses of the plant. 

Myths about lavender

Today we're busting some rumors about what lavender isn't, and then we'll discuss how to best use the herb.


The answer is no. A study was done in 2007 that suggested this connection, but the researchers used a small sample size (three boys). 

This study is the only one ever conducted that had this result. These findings have not been replicated in other studies, nor has lavender caused estrogenic issues in the past.

For centuries, various cultures have used lavender medicinally. None of them used it to aid women during the period. If it were estrogenic in any way, herbalists would have vetted it long ago and suggested that women use it when estrogen mimicking would be useful to them.


Many people praise lavender for its calming abilities. However, we don't recommend using it alone for chronic, pervasive anxious feelings.

This herb is naturally calming and alleviates the occasional nervous stomach aches. When you're feeling tense, smell it, drink it in a tea, bathe with it. Lavender is a gentle tonic, so you can use the herb long term.


These experiences occur when you use products with synthetic herbal scents. Products that contain a chemically-produced lavender scent have ruined this wonderful herb for many people. We suggest going to your local herb shop and picking up a natural essential oil. Put a few drops into a pot of boiling water or your humidifier and experience the real thing.

Best uses for lavender 

Lavender is a gentle yet potent herb that can be used topically and internally with exceptional benefits. It's safe for use on children and pets too.  


On Your Skin

Up until World War II, people used lavender for dressing wounds. The essential oil is so gentle that it's one of the few that's safe for use directly on the skin in small doses.

We use lavender in our products because it works well with all skin types – it's soothing for dry skin and balancing for oily skin.

As an Insect Repellent

During the bubonic plague, people used lavender in sanatoriums to stop the spread of the disease, and people that carried lavender did not fall ill. You can use it in sachets to repel moths and bugs in clothing, or as an ingredient in your DIY bug repellent.


When taken internally, lavender can be an elegant solution to numerous problems. NOTE: We don't suggest taking essential oils internally. Lavender essential oil is gentle, but it's still very strong and, like all essential oils, can cause phase two detox issues in the long run.


For Inflammation

When taken internally, this herb relieves all sorts of inflammation. Skip the painkillers and drink lavender tea instead. In addition to the anti-inflammation, it doesn't kill gut flora, calms the nerves, and gives you hydration.

As a Nerve Tonic

Are you nervous because of your upcoming exam, public speaking engagement, or first date? Take lavender internally as a tea or tincture to calm the anxiety

For Sleep

Lavender is perfect for keeping nightmares and nervous insomnia at bay. It calms you down and allows you to gently drift off to sleep without the hangover of sleeping pills.

Lavender for Digestion

This herb is excellent for vomiting, nausea, indigestion, bad breath, and keeping digestion in good shape overall.


If your pets are prone to stress reactions, the essential oil can dramatically improve their mood instantly. Spray the oil on their collars, or some cardboard by sleeping area and monitor their progress.

To manage itchy skin and fleas, make a concentrated lavender tea and let it cool before washing your pet in it. You can also infuse the dry flowers in oil for a few weeks and then strain it and rub it on their coat before going for a walk.

Note: Cats can't break down essential oils in their livers, so ingesting any essential oils can cause them illness. Be careful with dropping the pure essential oil on or around your cats.


Get some lavender today and use it for everything. You can also grow it- the plant is low maintenance and grows easily. Ensure you keep the soil dry and give it full, direct sun. 


With love,

​The Sole Toscana Beauty Team