3 Simple Hacks to Help You Eat Healthier

3 Simple Hacks to Help You Eat Healthier

In today's busy world, adopting a healthy diet feels like one more time-consuming chore. Who has the time and energy for all those popular DIY organic dishes on Pinterest? We have some good news: it's much easier than you think!

There's no need to research all the different diets and try to learn new recipes and habits every week- it can be overwhelming. 

We've put together these three healthy eating hacks that will help you feel better instantly, with minimal effort. You may even end up having extra time!

1 Create a seasonal menu and stick to it

To combat the stress of searching for healthy foods, take advantage of the season's fresh local produce. Look for a farmers' market in your area or join your local CSA (community supported agriculture) group that delivers vegetables and fruit. Use what's available and create a weekly menu within these choices.

This option makes your shopping easier. Also, having less variety in your diet will help keep your weight down.

Studies show that if you reduce the different foods you eat, you will have an easier time maintaining weight loss.

Having a timetable doesn't mean your dishes should be bland. Create some weekly rituals like Salad Saturday or Taco Tuesday to give you something to look forward to. 


2 Keep healthy snacks nearby

When we stock our cabinets or fridges with unhealthy snacks like candy or cookies, we're tempted to eat these rather than healthy foods. 

Keep fruit in a bowl in a visible place to remind yourself to eat it. 

When you buy carrots and celery, cut them up so that they are easier to grab when the cravings strike. Keep any unhealthy snacks out of reach, or avoid buying them altogether.

3 Practice mindfulness

Being mindful about your diet doesn't necessarily mean meditation. All you need to do is slow down and think about what you're eating.

Whenever you reach for food, take the time to ask yourself whether you're hungry or bored. Consider whether the food that you're about to eat will advance your goals or undo what you've already achieved.

Also, when you are eating, take your time. Chew slowly and savor the taste, smell, and texture of each bite.

Research shows that people who eat mindfully can lose up to 10 pounds per year.

As you have seen, eating healthy doesn't have to involve thousands of steps and too much effort. Why not try these tips today?

With love,

​The Sole Toscana Beauty Team

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