5 Habits to Help You Keep Your Closet Clutter-free

5 Habits to Help You Keep Your Closet Clutter-free

Are you good at organizing, yet your closet is overflowing with clothes? Being in such a situation can be confusing and frustrating. Allow us to explain how you got here and what you can do for a positive change.


We often collect items while ignoring how full our spaces have become. If you're a great organizer, you'll always find space for these things in your closet. With everything clean and tidy, it's almost impossible to notice the growing number of items amassing all over. Sometimes it's so severe that you repurchase what you need because you can't find the article you want when you need it.

Maintaining a minimal lifestyle

Probably your drawers and shelves abound with hand me downs, gifts, and worn out items that you keep "just in case."

If you're a lover of fashion, you might tend to accumulate several of your staple items, for example, five leather jackets in different colors. Embracing minimalism will help you keep such habits in check.


If you need more boxes for your stuff, you have too much of it. Instead of looking for additional storage space, consider purging your closet and only keeping the items you need. Being aware of your belongings prevents you from mindlessly accumulating what you don't need. 

Here are some practical and simple habits you can adopt for a minimalist closet.

Five closet habits from a fashion-loving minimalist

If you're a diehard fashionista, the idea of minimalism sounds foreign, almost impossible to achieve. However, the two are not mutually exclusive. You can remain stylish without an avalanche in your closet. 

Habit 1: Flip hangers

Turn all your hangers around backward. Then every time you wear an item, put it back in the closet with the hanger facing forward.

Set a timeline, for example, 1-3 months, seasonal or yearly. Mark the end date on your calendar. When that date arrives, remove any items that still have the hanger backward. Sift through them and decide whether to keep or donate.

Repeat this process until you go through all your clothes. This is an easy way to ensure you wear your clothes and only keep those which you genuinely enjoy.

Habit 2: Count your items

Counting your clothes? Seems weird, doesn't it? But it's one proven method to help reduce clutter. You count everything, including folded and hanging items, as well as shoes and jackets.


Begin by counting all the items you have. Then look at your belongings and pick a lower, more sensible number to minimize down to and then determine to keep that number of things and no more.


Once you have your number, start in the area of your closet that you are ready to handle. This keeps you from feeling overwhelmed and abandoning the process. Tackle one area at a time until you arrive at the number you chose. Ensure you apply this method in a way that is helpful, motivating, and sustainable for your lifestyle.

Habit 3: One in – one out

Another easy method to declutter your closet- every time you buy a new item, remove an item. You have more success when the things are of the same category. If you buy a scarf, remove a scarf and keep aside for donation or sale.

Applying this method keeps you from accumulating stuff and is very effective when paired with Habit 1.

Habit 4: Arrange items by type and color

Arranging your clothes by type (sweater, long sleeve, short sleeve, dress, pants, skirt, etc.) and color helps you understand your style and preferences. You're also able to see at a glance all your clothes, your style and color preferences, and any duplicates you may have.

Habit 5: Boxing

Putting all your purged clothes into boxes for donation can give you a fantastic feeling that gets almost addictive. You could even find yourself short of some items, forcing you to go shopping.


To avoid running out of clothes, try this. When you have a box of donations, store it away for 1-3 months. During this time, do not go shopping. After this time is over, revisit your box and do some 'shopping'.

This trick works well with the items collected from the flipped hanger habit and the one in – one out rule. 


If you don't fall in love with the items from your 'shopping', pay close attention to the shapes, styles, and colors, so you don't make the same purchase mistakes again. Return those clothes to the box and donate them.

With love,

​The Sole Toscana Beauty Team

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