5 Minimalist Approaches to Adopt This Year

5 Minimalist Approaches to Adopt This Year

These days, a healthy lifestyle goes beyond diet and exercise. Minimalism has joined the group, as they say.  It's a new, more thoughtful way to live.


The word clutter invokes images of a house with stuff strewn all over. Yet this isn't always the case. Your home might be organized, but if you decide to throw out what you don't need the clutter will surprise you. Sometimes we get so used to packing away stuff that we don't realize we are hoarders!

Today, let's look at actions that we can add to our New Year's goals with ease.

Five small changes to help build minimalism

1. Single-tasking

Minimalism doesn't only apply to stuff!  Science shows that multitasking is detrimental, while single-tasking leads to higher productivity and more fulfilling conversations.

Try giving your undivided attention to one thing- whether it's composing an email, writing an article, or cleaning the house. Be fully present in the moment by not multitasking. It's hard at the beginning since most of us are used to multi-tasking. But with time, you get used to it, and your stress levels drop.

2. One in / one out

One rule to help you keep your life minimal is throwing away one thing whenever you bring something in. This way, your stuff doesn't accumulate into an overwhelming amount of belongings.

Also, it's emotionally more comfortable to discard items when we are bringing things in, rather than after we've had them for a long time.


Have a donation basket in an easily accessible place. Whenever you buy new items, immediately remove the same number of items of similar size and put them in the donation basket.

3. Continue with One in / one out

Whether you remove items daily, weekly, or monthly, keeping up the habit can make a significant impact. If you are eliminating things while consistently bringing in new things, the change isn't as impactful, so this tiny action becomes most effective when you're consistent.

4. Tiny habit

Ambitious resolutions tend to overwhelm us.  Instead, concentrate your bigger aspirations into one small habit that you can duplicate easily. Include this habit in the other daily rituals you have. For example, instead of having "get more fit'" as a goal, aim to do five pushups per day. Accomplishing the five pushups boots your mood and motivates you to keep going.

Also, timing how long the habit takes helps remove the feeling that you don't have the time for it.

5. Value time

Most of our goals focus on adding rituals into our year. How about subtracting an action that is eating up time? Get honest with yourself about how you are spending your time. As you declutter and minimize the chunks of wasted time, You'll rediscover how much time you can free up each day.


Value your time by eliminating the habit of snoozing or scrolling through social media as soon as you wake up. Take back your morning time. Use it intentionally to do something helpful like reading an inspirational book, listening to a podcast, or meditation. 

Positive ripples of minimalism

We hope this list of actions feels like simple options for you to ease into a more minimalist life. 

With love,

​The Sole Toscana Beauty Team