6 Beauty Uses of Coconut Oil

6 Beauty Uses of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil works wonders for your skin and hair. It has intense moisturizing properties while offering nutrients that beautify your body. That's why we include coconut oil in many of our products. It's also an excellent ingredient to use on its own in your daily routine.

Here are six ways to use it:

Makeup remover

Instead of spending lots of money on a makeup remover, consider using coconut oil. You can use a cotton swab or ball and a little coconut oil and use it to wipe off eye makeup.


If your skin isn't oily, you can apply coconut oil all over your face to remove any remaining foundation after cleansing. Those with oily skin should use grapeseed oil as it's less greasy.

Leave-in conditioner

Get rid of dry hair problems by using coconut oil. Massage some into the ends of your strands after your regular styling routine. You could also apply generously all over your hair, wear a plastic cap, and leave it on overnight (ensure you cover your pillow with a towel). In the morning, saturate your hair with a safe soap, like Dr. Bronner's or an organic shampoo. Let it sit for a few minutes, then rinse and style as usual.

Your hair will be shiny and soft. To enjoy maximum benefits, do this treatment once a week.

Oil pulling

Oil pulling is the ancient practice of rinsing one's mouth with oil. It removes toxins from your gums, teeth, and tongue. Swish one tablespoon of the oil in your mouth for a few minutes, then spit out (don't swallow).


Lip balm

Use pure coconut oil as your lip balm and say goodbye to chapped lips forever. To make application easier, use sample kit containers to store the oil. Add a drop or two of peppermint essential oil to give your lips extra TLC. 

Moisturizing coconut oil face masks

Some people experience clogged pores and breakouts when they moisturize with extra virgin coconut oil. Applying fractionated coconut oil as a facial mask and then washing it off afterward is a great way to get moisture minus clogged pores.

Body butter

We've already seen that on its own, coconut oil makes a fantastic body moisturizer. When you add a few other ingredients, you get a luxurious body butter. You can use shea butter, cocoa butter, a light oil like almond, jojoba, or olive, and a few drops of essential oil for a wholesome DIY body butter.

Is coconut oil good for your face?

Some people's skin loves using coconut oil as a moisturizer, while others find that it clogs their pores. Your skin type will affect its reaction to the oil. People with dry skin can use extra virgin coconut oil in their daily beauty routine. But if you have oily skin, it may be better to either combine other oils with the coconut oil or use fractionated coconut oil as your daily moisturizer.


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