6 Handy Tips for When We're Able to Travel Again

6 Handy Tips for When We're Able to Travel Again

The world is currently on pause due to COVID-19, and one of the things we can't do is travel. As we pore over past vacation photos, here are some tips to keep in mind for when we can take trips again.

These hacks will get you through those problematic plane rides, make your trip better, and help you have a blast while on vacation

Carry water and snacks

Traveling is always unpredictable. You might find yourself with a longer layover than usual, dealing with car trouble, or getting lost in unfamiliar places. One thing that can make such times bearable is having enough water and something to munch on. Homemade snacks are a lifesaver—dried fruit, nuts, some cacao, energy bars, etc. will keep you from going crazy.

Be in the moment

Documenting your vacay experiences is essential, but you can get so lost in it that you forget to have fun. Spend one day without taking any photos. Enjoy every detail- birds singing, the colors, scents, and flavors all around you. Take it as a little treat to yourself: flow through a full day without trying to document it.

Layers on layers

The best way to manage temperature extremes when traveling by air is to always dress in layers. Planes are hot when boarding, but usually freezing by the time you land. Your destination is also likely to have a different temperature than your departure city. Layers allow you to remove or add them as the temps vary. Carry a Pashmina- it fits easily in carry-on bags and can be taken out anytime when the temperatures drop.

Immerse yourself in local cultures

Sink in as deep as possible to the culture you are visiting. Skip the big establishments- stay in a small locally owned hotel, talk with the local people, eat in their homes, learn a bit of their history, enter into their real lives. 



What would a vacation be without souvenirs? Incomplete! Collect something from each place you visit and indicate where you found it. Display them in your home, and keep the memories of these places with you. 


When on a trip, your digestion could get out of balance. Keep this at bay by carrying a few tablespoons of chia seeds or psyllium and a glass jar. Every night, put half or one tablespoon of the seeds in the jar, add water and let them soak overnight. Drink this mixture in the morning before breakfast. 

To treat your skin to some love, carry a small bottle of lavender essential oil to smell or apply on your skin. It will refresh and soothe your body. 


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