7 Most Common Rosacea Triggers and How to Cope

7 Most Common Rosacea Triggers and How to Cope

In this article, we're discussing common rosacea triggers plus the solutions to help you cope and keep your skin clear.

Seven rosacea triggers & solutions

Protecting yourself from triggers isn't as hard as it seems.

1 Sun. Exposure to the sun is the most common trigger for rosacea symptoms.

Best solution: Use an umbrella. Apart from sunscreen, you need something to block the rays if you sweat, or forget to reapply every two hours. Recent studies show that umbrellas will block over three-quarters of damaging UV rays. Black-colored ones block over 90 percent of these rays. 

2 Stress. Getting worked up can quickly ruin all your efforts to maintain smooth skin. 

Best solution: Tapping- this involves tapping specific energy points on your body while speaking statements about your current feelings. It's similar to acupuncture but without the needles.

3 Hot weather. Heat can instantly get your skin flushing. How do you mitigate this if you're in a humid climate or enjoying beach time with family?  

Best solution: Drink ice-cold water. Staying cool internally helps your skin stay cool as well. Constantly sipping it will keep your temperature down.

4 Wind. Wind stresses your skin by drying it out and depositing dirt particles and other environmental pollutants on it. Many rosacea sufferers get easily wind-burned, especially in the winter. 


Best solution: Wearing scarves. Pull them up to underneath your eyes whenever you're outside. 

5 Vigorous exercise. About half of rosacea sufferers will experience skin flushing after working out. 

Best solution: Shorter sessions. You'll enjoy the same health benefits from short bursts of vigorous activity as long ones. Some studies have shown this method to be more effective for cardiovascular health and weight loss. For instance, try 5-10 minutes of cycling, where you go as hard as you can every other minute. Keep checking your skin and adjust as necessary.

6 Alcohol. About 50 percent of people with rosacea will flush after drinking alcohol. 

Best solution: Avoid it altogether, or go for non-alcoholic cocktails.

7 Skincare products. Research indicates that over 40 percent of individuals struggling with rosacea experience adverse reactions to certain skincare products. 

Best solution: Avoid products with harsh chemicals. Use only natural-based products with ingredients that you can pronounce that don't worsen your flare-ups.

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