A Guide to Gifting Sole Toscana Skincare

A Guide to Gifting Sole Toscana Skincare

The holidays are here with us, and so is the pressure to get perfect gifts for our loved ones. But how do you choose an excellent gift? It should be something they wouldn't usually buy for themselves, something decadent, or something they need.

There's nothing that fits this description perfectly like organic skincare- simultaneously useful, aromatherapeutic, and luxurious.

However, there's the challenge of which products to choose. You don't want something that will make them break out, or won't fit their taste, and they end up not using it.

Our guide sorts through which of our products make the best gifts for various people on your list.

The athlete

People who actively work out face the challenge of preventing workout breakouts and managing oiliness. When we sweat, the skin's pores open and can get clogged with nearby oil, dirt, or makeup.

Our Body Bundle is the ideal gift for gym buffs. The Awakening Organic Body Wash is naturally cleansing. It's also excellent for preventing breakouts caused by sweat drying on the skin. After you shower, slather on The Awakening Organic Body Lotion for intense moisture that leaves you smelling amazing.

Gift idea: Throw in a comfy pair of yoga pants to complement the travel kit.

Sensitive skin

All our products are plant-based and devoid of synthetic preservatives, making them gentle enough for use on sensitive skin. If your friend or loved one has sensitive skin that needs extra love, here are a few products that we recommend for them.

Our Neroli Radiance Serum goes beyond diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and keeping the skin looking plump- it also has amazingly soothing abilities. The healing neroli flower and aloe vera extracts help to calm sensitive and oily skin. The Rosehip & Calendula Triple Cream is another very soothing product. Aloe and calendula both soothe the skin while Hyaluronic acid naturally helps plump skin and revitalize its soft glow.

Gift Idea: Include other soothing things like a face brush, body massage brush, or chamomile tea in a gift basket with these two products for the ultimate thoughtful gift.

Someone who loves being pampered

We all have that friend or family member who never skips their monthly massage and regular salon appointments. Their toiletry cabinet is always well stocked with beauty products.

Our 4-Step Sole Toscana Skincare Gift Set immerses you in a decadent wellness routine. It includes the Rosehip & Calendula Triple CreamNeroli Radiance SerumEspresso Bright Eyes, and the Rosewater Wellspring Cleanser

These products will enhance your natural beauty, reveal your inner glow, and calm the mind.

Gift Idea: Throw in a face brush or an organic cotton face towel along with the gift set.

The product junkie

These ones have tried every product brand they could get their hands on. They know all about miracle creams, oils, and the latest anti-aging technology. If they're skeptical about organic skincare, this could be your chance to convince them through a special package.

Our Neroli Radiance Serum receives rave reviews from our customers. Many of them describe it as "an organic facial in a bottle." It's a treatment that lightens your look and gives an even tone. It also lightens dark spots, smooths the skin, and provides your ultimate daily dose of radiance. Who can say no to that?

Many skin lightening products are harsh and permanently damage the skin, but our Neroli Radiance Serum is a safe, natural alternative.

Gift Idea: Along with the Neroli Radiance Serum, add the 4-Step Sole Toscana Skincare Gift Set, so they can enjoy more of our line!

With love,

​The Sole Toscana Beauty Team

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