A Lesson From Ricarda on Being A Confident Woman

A Lesson From Ricarda on Being A Confident Woman

At Sole Toscana, we believe that a woman's beauty goes beyond the physical. It also includes her self-confidence. Today we look at one woman who exudes that. We hope her story inspires you. Her name is Ricarda.

"What I love the most about getting older is learning how to enjoy life more. I've noticed that I take more risks than when I was in my 20s. Looking back, I've achieved things which in my younger years, I thought were impossible. 

It's not that I don't care, I go for it. And so, getting older diminishes the fearful thoughts of "Oh, maybe I shouldn't do this. What if I fail?" I embrace living in the moment and facing challenges head-on.

I've also realized that taking care of myself and others brings me fulfillment.

My husband and I have a project where we teach teenagers and young adults every Friday night. We rent out our studio and gym to those who are interested. 


On Saturdays, we go out and feed the homeless. We mostly carry Panera Bread and Lady Di pastries to distribute. This initiative reminds us that life isn't about us only. I also love to put a smile on other people's faces.

My heart is full of joy when I see the teenagers and college-age kids join my husband, my daughters and I in telling people how much they're loved.

And their responses remind us why this is so important. For example, we met  homeless young man living in a car with his older mom. He said, "What we appreciate more than you bringing us food, is the fellowship. We can't believe someone would take time to talk to us." The teenagers who were there that day cried their eyes out. It seemed unbelievable that they could change someone's life through a simple act of kindness! 

I have taught my daughters- Tolley and Shalom- that being a confident woman is embracing who you are within and not allowing anyone to change that. We are all different. If we embrace our uniqueness, then we can win at life. 

My girls now understand that one's confidence is not an outward appearance. It originates from within and shows on your countenance. I'm so proud of them.

I make sure the conversations with my daughters about aging remain positive. My 20-year-old worries about getting wrinkles. My response to that is, "You should view your body as a vessel that you take care of. Fine lines and wrinkles will appear because they come with growing older. Embrace them as part of memories from certain seasons of your life." 

I am proud to be 48-years-old. I embrace it because I think it's fun. I enjoy life thoroughly and encourage everyone else to do the same."

With love,

The Sole Toscana Skincare Team.

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