A Paleo Bacon, Avocado & Sweet Potato Toast Recipe

A Paleo Bacon, Avocado & Sweet Potato Toast Recipe

Is there a better way to wake up than to the smell of sizzling bacon? The only thing that comes close is using a Paleo recipe that involves creamy avocado, bacon, and fresh tomatoes served on top of slices of sweet potato “toast.”

Use a thick sweet potato to get more slices of toast and more room for the toppings. One large potato typically yields 4 slices. 

You opt for sweet or savory flavors for your toppings because sweet potatoes are so versatile. This recipe goes the savory route using mashed avocado, crumbled bacon, and sliced cherry tomatoes. Take it to the next level and add a sunny side up egg for extra protein.

This recipe is a fun and creative way to get your kids to eat more veggies- you can slather the toast with their favorite flavors, from almond butter to pizza toppings.

Prep time- 10 minutes

Cook time- 12 minutes

Yield- 4 slices


1 ripe avocado, mashed

1 large sweet potato

4 cherry tomatoes, halved

2 slices of bacon, cooked and chopped

Sea salt and black pepper to taste


How to Make It:

1. Cut the ends off the sweet potato and slice into 1/4 inch slices.

2. Put the sweet potato slices in the toaster and toast for 6 minutes. Use the highest setting. Flip over and toast again. 

Note: Some toasters may require additional toasting time.

3. Spread the avocado over the sweet potato slices. Top with the tomatoes and crumbled bacon. Season with sea salt and black pepper to your preference.

Tip: Pierce the sweet potato slices with a fork in the center to help them cook all the way through.


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