Adopting A Better Mindset to Achieve A Healthy Lifestyle

Adopting A Better Mindset to Achieve A Healthy Lifestyle

Most times, the biggest obstacle to your happiness is comparing yourself to others. There is always going to be someone in a better position than you- smarter, richer, thinner, has a better house, etc.

We easily hinder ourselves from experiencing joy. We know that changing our habits is a part of getting healthy, so we set goals. However, that is where we get stuck. Change, even when you choose it, is hard. 

We can logically choose a goal, but we can't always make ourselves feel excited about it. Even if we want to change, we'll default to our old patterns without something to keep us focused.

How to change your patterns


Your thoughts affect how you feel. If you're stuck in your goals, your inner voice is likely communicating doubt. It's making you question whether you should be taking that bold step or whether you're worthy of it. How do you change your thoughts?


Do you find yourself asking any of these questions?

Why am I so lazy?

Why can't I stick with my plans?

Why can't I get motivated?

Why don't I have the discipline? 

When you find yourself thinking this way, ask yourself whether you want those questions to be true.


Change your message

Research says that the mind, body, and soul are integrated. When we're nervous before a big presentation, we feel uncomfortable and might get physically ill.

It's bigger than that, though. When you say things like:

This job will kill me someday.

I sit so much at work, and it's making me gain excess weight.

You might be creating a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Can you improve your fitness by sitting and thinking about it? No.

Could you likely do yourself harm by focusing on the thought that sitting all day at work is bad for your health? Yes.

Could you improve your fitness by believing that walking up and downstairs, doing your housecleaning, and being active in various ways counts? Yes.

We need to change the negative message we play in our heads. 

If you regularly tell yourself negative things like:


I'll never shed these 10lbs.

I've never been able to maintain a healthy weight.

I've completely messed up my metabolism.


Change these messages.

Replace these negative declarations with positive statements that address what you want. State these positives as if you already have them. For example, you could say:


I'm moving towards my perfect weight and energy.

I easily lose weight with the right habits.

The small things I do increase my metabolism all the time.


Draft three statements you want to be true for yourself right now. Use your phone to record those messages, repeating each of them three times. Listen to the recording twice a day. With time, these messages will become ingrained in your mind, and you'll find yourself adopting healthier habits.


With love,

​The Sole Toscana Beauty Team

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