An Unexpected Way to Look Younger

An Unexpected Way to Look Younger

If you're not having any success with your diet, exercise, or beauty regimen, yet you're doing everything right, the problem might not be the routines themselves. Maybe it has something to do with you- internally.

Your mindset matters. If you don't view yourself positively, then you're setting yourself up for failure. When your mind isn't in it, it's hard to get positive results from your regimens. However, if you recognize the qualities that you love in yourself, you start to get better results. You'll look younger, your skin starts to shine, and you take on a full-body glow.

For you to get there, you'll need to ask yourself- Do I feel loved? Do I love myself? Am I giving love?

Your answer to these questions contributes to your physical appearance and overall health. How can we learn how to work more love into our lives?

7 tips to love yourself 

1 Cultivating an Open Heart

Breathe deeply, open your heart, and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Follow these simple tips to open your heart to accept the love that you deserve:

  • Embrace self-expression. What activity makes you feel the most alive? Set some time aside for that at least once a week.
  • Get lost in nature. Surround yourself with vibrant, living things as often as you can. You don't need to have a destination in mind- let yourself wander as you soak in the peace that nature brings.
  • Strike a yoga pose. Yoga naturally slows down the body and mind.
  • Forgive others. Anger and resentment prevent us from opening our hearts. Release these negative emotions.
  • Meditate. Pose your busy schedule for a few minutes each day. Use this time to notice the negative thought patterns that may be preventing you from having a fully open heart.

2 Take care of your body 

Drink enough water, eat healthy food, and relax when you feel stressed. These will keep you looking young more than any beauty product. 

3 Forgive yourself

Release your past regrets, negative experiences, and unmet expectations. Live in the now—it's the only time you have control over.

4 Stop self criticism

 The self-doubt will come and go, but it's upon you to not internalize it. Don't allow it to cloud your thoughts.

5 Treat yourself kindly

Think about how you talk to yourself. Have you been harsh on yourself? Decide to be intentional in being kind to yourself.

6 Daily affirmations

Pick some positive mantras and speak them as you start the day. Repeat them throughout the day as needed. 

7 Practice looking into your eyes and being comfortable with what you see.

Look at your reflection in a mirror and laugh, smile, frown, cry. Practice loving yourself in any state at any time, and you'll learn how to be comfortable with yourself.


7 tips to love others 

1 Learn each other's love language

When you learn the love language of those around you, it's easier to love them in a way that they appreciate. Find out whether they prefer physical touchquality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, or gifts. 

2 Practice compassion

When we're humble and compassionate towards each other, we're less stressed and more satisfied in our relationships. 

3 Understand others deeply

 Understanding the personalities of those around you helps you relate better with them. You're better placed to know the reasons behind their actions and reasoning. 

4 Surprises 

You don't have to wait for a special day to express love to those around you. Plan a surprise date that involves things they love to show your appreciation of them.

5 Be in Attunement with each other. 

We build trust through emotional connection. One way to foster this is by giving your undivided attention to your loved one. Speak with them face-to-face while looking them in the eye. Show genuine interest in whatever they say. 

6 For your romantic relationships, explore each other's Sexual Blue Prints. 

Find out what your partner likes and dislikes. Use this information to build intimacy. 

7 If things get rocky:

Continue to stay positive about your partner. 

Whatever you focus on is what you'll see the most. Keep your thoughts focused on what you love about your partner to get you through times of disagreement. 

Have a coach. 

It's helpful to have a neutral third party to talk to and help you process things in times of crisis. Consider seeing a therapist or talking with a mutual friend.

When you're happy in your daily undertakings, being kind to and loving YOURSELF and then others, it helps you look younger. Try these tips and enjoy a happier life.

With love,

​The Sole Toscana Beauty Team

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