Avoid These Four Ingredients in Your Beauty Products

Avoid These Four Ingredients in Your Beauty Products

At Sole Toscana, we advocate for clean beauty. Here are four ingredients to watch out for when buying products.


According to scientific studies, this antibacterial ingredient can cause inflammation of the colon, thyroid problems, immune system problems, and colon cancer. Triclosan is also a hormone disruptor.

None of our products contain this harmful chemical.


This is a group of chemicals used in different products like detergents, food packaging, vinyl flooring, and pharmaceuticals. Manufacturers use them in perfume to make scents adhere to the skin. Unfortunately, phthalates disrupt the hormone system by interfering with the production of hormones.

They cause reproductive abnormalities, breast cancer, decreased male fertility, and lower production of testosterone, premature delivery, and endometriosis.

All our products are phthalate-free and are scented with naturally-derived essential oils.


Manufacturers use them to extend the shelf-life of products by preventing the growth of mold and harmful bacteria. Their structure mimics the shape of estrogen, so they disrupt the production of hormones in the body. Parabens pose the risk of cancer (breast cancer in particular) to those who use such products.

We use natural preservatives such as essential oils in all our products.


Studies show that this ingredient may contain isobutane, the propellant in aerosol sprays. You're at risk of inhaling 1,3-butadiene if you use spray products packaged in aerosol cans, like spray sunscreen. This toxic chemical causes mammary tumors in rats studied in the lab. 

We don't include this chemical in any of our products.


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The Sole Toscana Beauty Team