Banish Chapped Lips with These 7 Natural Ingredients

Banish Chapped Lips with These 7 Natural Ingredients

You might be wondering why your lips are always dry despite using chapstick. Well, here's the secret. Many chapsticks have petroleum as an ingredient. Unfortunately, this petroleum is often contaminated with carcinogenic chemicals. However, it's advertised as being "safe", so companies continue to use it.

Apart from petroleum, other toxic ingredients include synthetic fragrance and parabens.

For healthy, luscious lips, ditch the harmful chapsticks and hop on to these natural ingredients. The good thing is, you probably have a lot of these ingredients in your kitchen.

1. Sugar

Do you exfoliate your lips? If not, you need to start doing it. Applying a moisturizer on accumulated dead skin on the lips won't fix anything.


Note: The skin on the lips is thin and fragile, so you need to exfoliate gently. Sugar is an excellent natural ingredient for this. Mix it with a moisturizing oil, such as jojoba or olive, so it's not harsh on the lips. 

Mix a teaspoon of sugar with a teaspoon of olive oil, sunflower oil, or jojoba oil to create a scrub. Rub it gently on lips for 30 seconds, and then rinse off. Do this one to two times a week, then follow immediately with a moisturizer. 

2. Papaya and honey

Both raw honey and papaya are a natural source of a mild hydroxy acid that gently exfoliates the skin. 

Tips: Mash a ripe papaya and apply it to the lips. Leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse it off. Alternatively, apply some honey on your lips, leave it for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off. 

3. Zinc oxide

Yup, your lips need sunscreen just like the rest of your face. UV rays cause more damage to lips than the rest of the skin since lips are so thin and fragile.

Tip: Go for natural lip balms with sunscreens. 

4. Natural oils

Instead of petrolatum (petroleum jelly), companies should use natural oils as moisturizing ingredients. These oils have numerous health benefits, unlike petrolatum. 


  • They're easily absorbed into the skin, so they provide deep moisturization. 
  • They have essential fatty acids, which moisturize the skin and protect it from environmental stressors. Your skin maintains a plumper, younger-looking appearance.
  • They contain natural antioxidants: These shield the skin from pollutants and environmental stressors.


• Olive oil

• Jojoba oil

• Almond oil

• Grapeseed oil

• Sunflower oil

• Hemp seed oil

• Coconut oil

• Apricot kernel oil

• Avocado oil

cut aloe

5. Aloe and vitamin E

Using these two ingredients adds an extra boost to your lip care. They help to soothe and even out the appearance of your skin tone.

Tips: Both aloe and vitamin E are ingredients in our skincare products such as the  Rosehip & Calendula Triple Cream.

Alternatively, you can make a DIY lip treatment. Melt some beeswax, add coconut oil (and honey if you wish), blend, add in some vitamin E oil. Pour this mixture into a container and let cool. Pump up the flavor by adding a few drops of vanilla or peppermint essential oil.

6. Green tea

An anti-aging serum for your lips? Yes! Our lips undergo the same environmental bashing as the skin on our faces every day. Also, they're subject to the breakdown effects of saliva, food, and beverages. 


Fun fact: Green tea is one of the most potent natural anti-aging ingredients. It's a powerful antioxidant and also soothes and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

Tips: Place a cold tea bag on your lips for about five minutes at night.

Alternatively, you can make a green tea lip balm by melting some beeswax, adding a little of your favorite moisturizing oil, and potent green tea. 

7. Carrot juice, beetroot, or pomegranate

Lipsticks can dehydrate the lips, especially during winter. Lip glosses aren't better either. Besides, studies show that many lipsticks contain lead, a contaminant.

Tip: Color your lips with natural ingredients instead, such as carrot, beetroot, and pomegranate juice.

Dip a cotton swab in the juice, then apply to your lips at night. In the morning, you'll have a natural lip color that lasts for hours.

With love,

​The Sole Toscana Beauty Team

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