Can You Go One Week Without Looking in the Mirror?

Can You Go One Week Without Looking in the Mirror?

How many times do you look in the mirror every day? Probably one too many times. Sometimes we glance in the mirror subconsciously, not for any particular reason. 

Reflections on reflection

We inspect our dark spots and pores. We curse at every new wrinkle and our eye-bags. Most times, when we look into mirrors, we're not kind to ourselves.

What would happen if we reduced these appointments with the looking glass? Would it improve the relationship we have with ourselves?

The mirror-free week challenge: 

The rules: You have to go one week without using a camera, mirror, or any other reflective. Taking selfies and looking at your reflection in car windows is out too.


On the first day, it might be easy not looking into the mirror. You're ready and fired up to start the challenge. You're curious whether you'll remember to ignore something that's almost a reflex, and how long you'll keep it up. It's exciting.

mirror with flower


As you go through your day, you begin to notice how many reflective surfaces are in your environment. You'll probably feel guilty when you accidentally catch your reflection in a glass door or a shop window. You feel like you've "failed" the challenge. But don't go too hard on yourself. It's not a life-or-death test.


As you go on with the challenge, you might find yourself enjoying daily processes such as your skincare routine. Your other senses (smell, touch, etc.) get amplified because one is subdued.

Your motions turn into self-care since you immerse yourself in the current activity.


Going on with the challenge will help you notice the other areas of your life in which not being able to look at yourself affects you- both positively and negatively. 

Consider dressing up, for instance. You might not feel confident that you look good if you can't see how you look. Also, if you work out indoors, you probably use mirrors to ensure you're performing the movements correctly. Not looking at your reflection could leave you unsatisfied with your sessions.


Because of this, you might find yourself breaking the rules. But by this time, at least you think about why you're looking at the mirror before you do it. It's no longer a mindless act. 

Lessons from this experiment

Taking a break from using mirrors can be useful for your mental health. You're not continually judging yourself harshly while looking at your flaws. 

Also, taking part in this challenge makes you realize how often you look at yourself- when getting ready, flossing, brushing your teeth, working out, and others.

Being constantly in front of mirrors can make you overly-critical of yourself. However, too little mirror-time doesn't allow you to refine your look.

The important thing is to maintain balance. You don't have to cut out the mirror altogether. But being more self-aware in this part of your life can help you be more mindful and connect positively with yourself.

With love,

​The Sole Toscana Beauty Team

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