Could the Color Black Be Aging You?

Could the Color Black Be Aging You?

At Sole Toscana, we believe that there's nothing wrong with aging. It's a normal part of life. However, there are some things we do that make us look older than we are- in a negative sense.

One of the areas we do this (unknowingly) is clothing. You might be surprised to learn that wearing the color black can age you!

Fashion gurus dictate that every woman needs to own a little black dress and various wardrobe staples in black. 

Is this a hard and fast rule? Let's delve into some misconceptions.

Myth 1: The color black makes everyone look good.

The truth: Only one type of woman looks stunning in this color.

The fashion industry only focuses on one kind of beauty: porcelain skin, sculpted features, and a naturally symmetrical and still expression. The color black is bold and calm, so a woman whose beauty is naturally bold and still will look great wearing it.

However, there are four different types of beauty!

While some women are elegant, others have naturally bold beauty, some are naturally cute, and others have a more dynamic quality of beauty.

Wearing black will make these other types of women appear overpowered, childish, or older than their age. When they wear the colors that best suit them, they get excellent results.


Myth 2: Black is slimming

The truth: This color is saturated, bold and doesn't hide anything. It stands out.

So when you wear black, you might think you're hidden, but you're not.

Myth 3: Black goes with everything

The truth: The color black makes the boldest statement.

As much as black is a common color, it is not neutral.

The colors that work best when paired with true black are other saturated colors or stark white. Wearing black with colors like pastels or grey doesn't give you a harmonized, balanced look because the black garment makes the most emphatic statement on your body.

The most important question to keep in mind is: Does the color black agree with you?

Many women who wear black don't realize how much it ages them, washes them out, or brings out dark circles under their eyes.

Before you buy your next black outfit, remember these points.


With love,

​The Sole Toscana Beauty Team

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