Ditch These 9 Habits For Healthier Skin

Ditch These 9 Habits For Healthier Skin

You're probably already giving your skin some love, for instance, using natural skincare products or eating an organic diet. However, you might also be engaging in harmful habits, some without knowing. 

Here's our list of the top 9 things you should stop doing to enjoy glowing skin.

1. Consuming excess sugar 

In 2013, researchers looked at the relationship between blood sugar levels and aging. Those participants with higher blood sugar levels rated higher on the 'looking older' scale. 

2. Skipping hydrating

You've heard it countless times- the benefits of drinking water to maintain health. Water helps in various body functions, like transporting nutrients to the muscles and organs. Others are eliminating impurities and keeping the skin supple.

3. Toxic laundry detergents

How does this affect the skin? Detergents with harmful chemicals contribute to cancer, lung damage, and hormone disruption. When you wash your bedding and clothes, some of the substances remain and come into contact with the skin. 

4. Alcohol in skin care products 

Alcohols in skin care products act as preservatives, help the ingredients combine, and temporarily shrink your pores.

Unfortunately, some of these alcohols are irritating, drying, and damaging to your skin, and many contain petroleum by-products. Use natural alternatives like aloe juice instead.

5. Skin addiction

Our skin gets used to what we put on it. One common ingredient that skin gets addicted to is benzoyl peroxide. Medical professionals prescribe it for acne. It kills bacteria and reduces oil production, thus clearing up the skin. Over time it is extremely drying for most skin types.


Alkaline benzoyl peroxide disturbs your skin's acid protective layer, which should be at a pH of between 4.5-5.5. When you stop using it, your skin starts to return to its natural pH. This detox process causes many people to break out.

6. Unnatural makeup

There's nothing wrong with wearing makeup to enhance your looks, but doing it every day could be making your skin less healthy. How is that?


Most makeup brands use potentially harmful ingredients. Unnatural makeup products can irritate your skin, clog your pores, and create a barrier that keeps your skin from breathing. In the long term, your skin gets worse as you use the products.

We recommend natural mineral makeup with no synthetic preservatives and fragrances.

7. Sleeping with your makeup on 

No matter how tired you are, never go to bed without washing off your makeup. This is even more important if you're wearing chemical makeup brands.

Also, ensure you remove your makeup before working out. When your pores open up during exercise, makeup, dirt, and oil will get in there.

8. Eating processed foods

A big part of healthy skin is your diet. Your skin is an indicator of what's happening inside the body.


It's time-consuming to prepare whole foods from scratch, but it's one way to keep your skin healthy. At least you're sure about what's on your plate.

Begin by taking a salad or smoothie every day to increase your intake of vegetables, raw fruits, and nuts. Make it fun by including different colored produce on your plate to boost your appetite for healthy meals.


9. Not exfoliating

As we get older, our skin needs help in removing old, dead cells. Regular exfoliation does the trick. 

Remember to maintain balance; otherwise, over-exfoliating will harm your skin. Once or twice a week is enough.

If you have sensitive or oily skin, use gentle exfoliating products and methods.

Healthy, radiant skin is within your reach! Replace these bad habits with healthy ones, and your skin will thank you.

With love,

​The Sole Toscana Beauty Team