Easy DIY Bath Bombs for Self-care

Easy DIY Bath Bombs for Self-care

Imagine soaking into a warm bath, the lights dimmed, and your favorite scented candle fills the air with a relaxing aroma.


On most nights after a hectic day, it is. But when you get the chance to do self-care, why don't you go for something extra decadent? Bath bombs are amazing but costly- about $6 apiece for one-time use.

Fortunately, you can learn to make bath bombs that are easy on the pocket but still effective.

Advantages of making DIY bath bombs:


Unlike store-bought 10 oz bath bombs that cost $6-$10, the recipe below will only cost about $2.60 each!


When you make bath bombs at home, you control the ingredients, and you know what's going into your body. Many bath bombs you buy in stores have chemicals and elements that may be harmful to your body.


Whatever shape (round, square, star, etc.) or color (blue, yellow, pink, meadow green, etc.) or smell you desire, you can have it!


Handmade gifts show you put a little extra thought and effort into it. And nothing beats a handmade bath bomb!


Our favorite DIY bath bomb recipe



1 cup baking soda

½ cup citric acid

2 Tbsp Epsom salts

2 Tbsp jojoba oil

½ cup corn starch

5-10 drops of essential oils

Food coloring (optional)


  • Put all the dry ingredients into a bowl and mix well.
  • Add the oils and food coloring .
  • Add water one tablespoon at a time until you achieve the right consistency.

Note: The result should feel like dry sand, but should hold together when clumped in your hand. It should feel slightly cold. A little fizzing will occur- this is normal. Pack tightly into a mold of your choice, then allow it to dry overnight.


  • Excess oil will keep the bomb from drying properly.
  • Use the right amount of water. Allowing the bombs to get too dry will result in crumbling.
  • Pack the mixture very tightly into the mold.
  • Let them dry overnight.
  • For longer-lasting results, store them in sealed bags.

It takes some practice before you get it right, but once you do, you'll be breezing through it.


Conventional bath bombs are spheres, but they all don't have to be! You can use any shape of mold provided they pack tightly and are easy to take apart once the bomb dries.

In the beginning, you can use transparent acrylic craft ornaments while you learn the right mixture and technique. For fun and unique shapes, use candy and soap molds that are deep enough. Stainless steel molds are also excellent for durability but can be costly if you want to make bombs in bulk. 

fun ideas

  • Add dried rose or lavender petals for a little extra luxury.
  • Bring out your inner child and place a toy in the middle.
  • Layer the colors by dividing the mixture into two bowls and make each mix a different color. Layer each color until the mold is full!

With love,

The Sole Toscana Beauty Team