Eco-friendly Menstrual Hygiene Options

Eco-friendly Menstrual Hygiene Options

The terms' eco-friendly' and 'green' usually refer to packaging, construction materials, and even cars. But the menstrual cycle? Nope. Yet the choices women make during this time affect the planet significantly.

Managing your period hygiene

In the past, you only had the option of tampons or pads. Unfortunately, they contain chemicals you wouldn't want on the outside of your body, let alone in a delicate and sensitive area like the vagina.

They also contribute to loads of waste. On average, one woman uses about 2,280 pads and 9,120 tampons in her life. That's a crazy amount of waste and an expensive lifestyle to boot.

Thankfully, there are a few period hygiene options that make less of a negative impact on your wallet, the environment, and your health.

Reusable pads

These products, together with panty liners, are made from natural fibers. They're available in all sizes and cater to both heavy and light flows. What's more, their absorbency is as effective as conventional pads.


Most brands of reusable pads come with a bag for storing used pads. When you get home, you remove the pads from the bag, wash and hang them out to dry. 

Safe tampons

Doctors confirm that the multifilament fibers in tampon strings create an environment that encourages bacteria to reproduce rapidly. The bacteria travel up the string and into the vagina.


We recommend using an eco-friendly tampon that doesn't have bleach. These days there are fully organic tampons, as well as fragrance and dye-free options that don't mess with your pH levels.

menstrual cup

The diva cup

The Diva Cup is a silicone cup that you insert into your vagina. It uses suction force to adhere to the walls and to prevent leaking. This cup holds your menses, and you empty it at the same intervals that you would change a pad or tampon.

To clean the Diva Cup, a quick wash in the sink is all you need. Also, one cup is enough. You get to save money and help the environment by minimizing waste. 

Don't douche!

Douching is harmful to your vagina, primarily if you use a fragranced douche.

This practice changes the pH balance in your vagina, making you susceptible to yeast and bacterial infections. The washes can dry out and irritate the sensitive vaginal skin.

Tracking your cycle and hormone balance

Technology provides excellent apps that now make our menstrual lives easier. 


There are various apps for tracking your ovulation, intimacy, mood swings, and more. For women with irregular periods, there are apps to help them learn more about their cycle too.

Every woman is different, and our tastes vary. Try out these tips and find what works for you and also protects the environment.

With love,

​The Sole Toscana Beauty Team