Embrace Your Unique Beauty By Learning About These 4 Skin Types

Embrace Your Unique Beauty By Learning About These 4 Skin Types

When you stand in front of the mirror, what do you focus on? Probably you lean in close and ponder over a flaw in your skin that you don't love- those lines around your eyes, blotchy cheeks, or an annoying blemish.

It's time to ditch this way of thinking. At Sole Toscana, we believe that your skin is more beautiful than you give it credit for.

We tend to judge our skin too harshly for many reasons, but the main one is the standard of beauty preached by the beauty industry. It shows you that there's only one kind of skin for everyone: even skin tone, porcelain features, tiny pores. However, those features aren't a reality for most women.

When we don't measure up to this standard, we tend to blame ourselves.

However, there are 4 types of beauty—and 4 types of skin

Your skin type has unique qualities and tendencies.

Many skincare products try to eliminate these tendencies, but when you work with your skin, rather than against it, you'll have healthier and happier skin.

Type 1: clear, youthful skin

This skin has a random, animated character. This type of skin usually has a combination of oily and dry spots that don't always remain in the same position. The pores are medium to large, and you notice that your skincare routine focuses on cleansing.

Tendencies to manage

Persistent, light blemishes and red, blotchy skin tone. 

Tendencies to embrace

Enjoy the brightness and freshness of your skin. You'll always tend to appear youthful, no matter your age.

Type 2: soft, relaxed skin

This skin type has a softened complexion. Your features naturally move downward, so you might have hooded eyelids and skin that seems to drape over your bones. The pore size is medium to medium-small, and your skincare routine is best when it's consistent and focused on sensitive skin.

Tendencies to manage

Under-eye darkness or puffiness and sensitive skin. 

Tendencies to embrace

All your features are softened, even your wrinkles. Your skin is happy as long as you care for its sensitivities.


Type 3: active, textured skin

This type has more texture. The facial lines and creases run deeper, no matter your age. The pores are medium to medium-large, and your best skincare products are those that are hydrating.

Tendencies to manage

Cystic acne, hyper-pigmentation, deeper lines that can become exaggerated. 

Tendencies to embrace

Love your facial lines- they're not wrinkles! Type 3 women of all ages usually have more profound and multiple smile lines that give them a dynamic appearance. 

Type 4: porcelain, still skin

This skin's tone is even in its coloring and complexion. The pores are barely visible, and your favorite skincare routines are those focused on an excellent moisturizer. 

Tendencies to manage

Dry skin. Also, any imbalance shows up on either extreme. 

Tendencies to embrace

Celebrate the even, porcelain quality of your skin. The women who appear in skincare advertising have balanced type 4 skin.

Your beauty goes beyond skin-deep

Your skin is only one part of your true beauty.

The qualities that appear on your skin also show up in your other features—both inside and out.


With love,

​The Sole Toscana Beauty Team

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