Get Rid of Tired Morning Skin with These 3 Simple Tips

Get Rid of Tired Morning Skin with These 3 Simple Tips

Are you one of those people who have glowing skin and bright eyes when you wake up? Then you have one more thing to be grateful for. Some people dread looking in the mirror because their skin looks like an old avocado. 

If this describes you, don't worry. You don't need yet another "miracle" product. Here are some quick hacks you can try to perk up your skin in the morning.

Tip 1: Frozen fix

Cold causes blood vessels to contract, thus reducing puffiness and increasing firmness. This contraction of vessels flushes out the stagnant blood, improves blood flow, and reduces inflammation. 

NOTE: If you sleep on your side or stomach, circulation in your facial vessels suffers. This is because your face smashes against your pillow.  Change to sleeping on your back and watch your skin transform positively. 

Application Options:


Wet one sheet of paper towel and ring it out, then place an ice cube inside the moist paper towel.

Clean your skin, then gently glide the ice over your face in outward strokes. Start from the forehead and finish under the jawline near your ear. Focus more on the area around the eyes to reduce the puffiness and brighten up your eyes with improved circulation. 

Pat your skin dry, apply a serum with Vitamin C or Hyaluronic acid, and top it off with moisturizer and SPF.


You can use a wand made of rose quartz, jade, stainless steel, glass, or other materials. They can be shaped like a bulb, wand, or a roller.

To save on time, store your wand in the freezer so that it's ready for when you need it. 

Clean and moisturize your skin with a Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Serum before using the wand. Moisturized skin enables the wand to glide smoothly.

Gently slide the wand over your face in outward strokes. You can use the classic lymphatic drainage sequence for more effective results.


Start from the center of the forehead moving outward towards the hairline. Do 2-3 strokes each side, depending on the size of your forehead. Then make the following movements:

  • Between eyebrows and up across the forehead to your hairline
  • From the center of the brows, over the brow out to the temple
  • Glide across the undereye area, out towards the hairline.
  • From the side of the nose, down and out over your sinus region. Then across the orbital bone, out to the hairline.
  • From your chin out across the jaw to the earlobe
  • From the collarbone up along the neck to the jawline


This is the quickest method if you can endure a cold splash.

Use a vessel large enough to stick your face in – a pot, bowl, or a clean sink. Put a handful of ice cubes in the vessel then fill it halfway with cold water. Let it sit for a moment until the ice cools the water. 

Cleanse your face as you wait.

Take a deep breath, hold it then submerge your face in the iced water for as long as you can. Rinse and gently pat dry using a towel. Repeat the process a minimum of 3 times. Gently pat dry, apply your serum, then finish off with a moisturizer and SPF.

Tip 2: Quick fix

Sluggish circulation is one of the causes of you looking or feeling tired. Boosting blood flow is the key to brightening up the eyes and getting a healthy glow. 


The easiest and fastest way to pump up your circulation at once is to flip upside down. You can do a handstand soon after waking up, using the wall for support.

Alternatively, you can lie on the bed and let your head hang over the edge, bend forward, or sit in a chair and place your face between your knees. 

2. JUMP!

Skipping, jumping jacks, jumping up and down on the way to the bathroom- take your pick. You don't even have to do it intensely, yet jumping boosts your blood circulation, thus giving you a natural glow. 

Tip 3: Exfoliate

There are different exfoliation options you can use. However, we suggest being gentle when exfoliating in the morning. Rough handling could lead to irritated and sensitive skin.


Here's our list of recommended exfoliants from the gentlest to the strongest. 

  • Sponge or cloth (examples: Cellulose, Microfiber, Konjac)
  • Silicone (examples: Foreo, Pop Sonic, Silicone Face Scrubber)
  • Enzymes (examples: Pineapple, Papaya, Green Apple)
  • Facial Brush (examples: Clarisonic, Natural Bristle)
  • Scrub (examples: bamboo fibers, diatomaceous earth, 
  • soft granules)

With love,

​The Sole Toscana Beauty Team

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