How Your Liver Affects the Skin Between Your Brows

How Your Liver Affects the Skin Between Your Brows

Have you suffered from getting embarrassing pimples that show up in the middle of your eyebrows? It's even worse when they appear on a day where there's a wedding or fancy dinner party to attend!

It's time to eradicate this nuisance from your face for good.

Face mapping helps us understand the potential causes of acne

In the Chinese traditional medicine practice called "face reading," doctors, scholars, and other professionals studied people's faces to gain clues about a person's fortune, personality, and health.


Today, we've adopted the idea that facial skin problems can give us clues about our overall health. We now understand that the skin's state is not only a reflection of how we care for it, but also how we care for our bodies as a whole. Exercise, diet, and stress relief all contribute to how the skin responds.

Pimples between the brows linked to a stressed liver

Traditional Chinese medicine connects the area between the eyebrows to the liver. So if you have acne, redness, flakiness, or excess oiliness in this area, your liver could be stressed.


The liver is the largest gland in the body and the largest solid organ. These are just a few things that your liver does daily:

  • Produces bile, which the small intestine uses to break down and absorb cholesterol, fats, and other nutrients.
  • Breaks down proteins to make them easily digestible
  • It helps break down carbohydrates, then stores glycogen (from carbohydrates) to release as energy when required.
  • Creates coagulants that help the blood to clot
  • Removes toxins from the body
  • Stores vitamins and minerals for back-up
  • Filters and removes waste compounds from the blood.

And these are only some of its tasks. It has a significant role to play in digesting and metabolizing what we eat. If we overindulge in fatty, greasy foods or alcohol, which require the liver to work harder, we could be stressing the liver.


Traditional Chinese medicine says that if you have skin problems in this area, it could indicate serious liver issues such as:

• Liver stress


• Fatty liver disease

• Hepatitis

These are the more severe illnesses, which are thankfully rare. Your brow pimples could mean either of the following:


Some practitioners refer to it as the "wine and dine" area because our diets affect it directly. Are you doing any of these?

• Indulging in high-fat, greasy foods

• Drinking too much alcohol

• Eating too late in the night 

• Encouraging toxic buildup due to excess food consumption, too little water, or exposure to pollution

• Overeating dairy products (if you have trouble digesting them)

• Harboring too much stress

Some practitioners who do face-mapping also connect this area to stress-induced emotional difficulties. 

Emotional triggers

There's much that we still don't know about the possible connection between psychological distress and liver disease. However, we know that stress affects other organs, and new research suggests that the liver may be similarly affected.


• Suppressed anger & frustration 

• Strong feelings of stress

• Irritability

• Bitterness and resentment

Constant redness, flaking, or acne between the brows are probably a reflection of what you're going through in life and how you're coping.


Ten ways to eliminate skin issues between the brows

If you have skin problems in this area, consider trying the solutions below.

  1. Late-night snacks: Avoid late-night snacking- drink water or tea to curb cravings.
  2. Greasy foods: Avoid fatty foods, and reduce your consumption of dairy foods (or eliminate them for a while).
  3. Water: Drink more water to boost your liver's waste elimination functions.
  4. Exercise: Working out helps increase circulation and reduces stress.
  5. Alcohol: Avoid alcoholic drinks at night, and don't overindulge.
  6. Cool it down: Cooling foods like melons, cucumbers, and gourds aid in calming our skin.
  7. Pollution: Reduce your exposure to airborne chemicals, since they weigh down the liver.
  8. Stress: Do at least one stress-relieving activity every day. Try art therapy, meditation, yoga, tai chi, daily walks, time with a friend, etc.
  9. Diet: Keep your liver healthy by eating apples, garlic, onions, beetroot, artichokes, and supplements like milk thistle, dandelion, and licorice.
  10. Suppressed emotions: Healthy ways of dealing with unexpressed emotions include journaling release your feelings, or talking to a good friend or counselor.

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