Looking For a Stress-free Morning Routine? Follow These 4 Tips.

Looking For a Stress-free Morning Routine? Follow These 4 Tips.

If you're one of those people who like to enjoy their mornings by taking things easy, then you probably look for ways to prepare for mornings ahead of time. Here's how you can simplify your morning routine to enable you to eat better, show up to work on time, and feel more relaxed before work.

Start with meal prep

Set aside a specific day for grocery shopping. Go to the store with a list of ingredients for your breakfasts and lunches for the week. Apart from being a time-saver, this keeps your food budget low as well. 

Have a specific day for meal prep too. It might take you a long time (depending on the complexity of the meals), but it cuts down your cooking time during the week. Make the process enjoyable by listening to your favorite podcast or music playlist. 


Manage your laundry and plan outfits for the week

Laundry can be a dreadful chore, especially when we let clothes pile up. Get ahead of this by doing some washing as soon as your dirty clothes basket starts to fill up. By the time the weekend arrives, you're not staring at a massive load of laundry. You can then plan an appropriate outfit for each day- complete with jewelry, undergarments, and shoes.

Have a "command center" in your home

Making plans of what you need to do days in advance reduces the time spent planning your day in the morning. To keep track of your objectives, have a designated area in your home to serve as a "command center." Keep a notebook with a list of the meals you've prepped, important appointments, and a polished version of your to-do list for that day. To make things even easier, write this information before going to bed. It helps significantly reduce anxiety about what you need to accomplish.

Tap into your inner zen

Planning out your week keeps you focused and organized, but you need time to enjoy your morning. Use the time you've saved to do the things that make you happy.

Whether it's taking your dogs for a long walk, enjoying your tea on the balcony, meditating, or reading a few pages of a book you enjoy, doing an enjoyable activity will keep you calm and set you in the right mood to face the day.


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