Maintain Your Pregnancy Glow with These Simple Tips

Maintain Your Pregnancy Glow with These Simple Tips

Pregnancy is a beautiful season, but it comes with a host of challenges. The physical and emotional changes you experience during this time can stretch you to your limits. 

Your skin also experiences changes as the baby grows. You'll either have that envious pregnancy glow, or an uneven skin tone that can be irritating. Whatever the case, today's post will give you insight on how to care for your skin during pregnancy.

Pregnancy glow

If you experience this radiance, your skin requires little maintenance. 

The glow usually starts to show in the second trimester. It's due to the increase in blood flow to all organs and the growing fetus. The blood vessels in the face also receive more blood, causing increased oil secretion, which makes the skin appear dewy


We recommend our Rosehip & Calendula Triple Cream for daily use to help maintain your radiant beauty. It provides a dewy glow using repairing & anti-inflammatory calendula. You also get to enjoy the spot-removing property of rosehip.

Temporary color changes

50-70 percent of women experience uneven skin tone during pregnancy. This is due to the increase of progesterone, estrogen, and the melanocyte-stimulating hormone (MSH).

Women with dark-skinned complexions are more likely to have this condition.

asparagus for lunch



Foods such as citrus, leafy greens, asparagus, avocado, broccoli, beans, peas, seeds, and nuts promote an even skin tone. 


If you have dark spots, UV light can worsen them and make it difficult for them to fade after pregnancy. We recommend that you use a mineral and chemical-free sunscreen before going outside.


One skincare ingredient medical professionals rate as safe and effective for pregnancy is the powerful antioxidant, vitamin C.

Use our Neroli Radiance Serum for your daily dose of vitamin C. The Neroli flower also helps to reduce dark spots, brighten, and repair your skin.

Oily skin

If you experience increased oiliness, here's what you can do:

  • Wash your face twice a day with a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser, such as our Rosewater Wellspring Cleanser.
  • Use a purifying facial oil to moisturize daily. 
  • Once or twice a week, use a deep cleansing mask treatment to remove excess oil from the skin. Bentonite, rhassoul, french rose, and green clays are excellent healing clays for the skin. 
  • Despite the cravings, maintain a clean, organic diet to keep the skin fresh and unclogged. Eliminate saturated fats, refined sugars and grains, and excess dairy. Swap these for organic greens, nuts, fresh fruits, and vegetables.

Most importantly, don't stress out about pregnancy skin troubles. They often disappear once the baby is born. We hope these tips help you take better care of your skin for that pregnancy glow.

With love,

​The Sole Toscana Beauty Team

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