Make The Switch To Natural

Make The Switch To Natural

There are thousands of beauty products available to us nowadays, from an endless number of brands. Walking down the aisles of any supermarket or beauty shop can leave you overwhelmed. You will encounter countless beauty products with all sorts of miraculous claims.  

Most of these products contain a cocktail of chemicals, some of which are harmful to human health. Unfortunately, laws that regulate the ingredients that go into skincare products aren't very stringent.  

Women in the US need to be extra careful. There’s a huge difference between how the US and Europe regulate cosmetics.  In Europe, cosmetics chemicals are considered potentially harmful until proven safe.  But in the United States, cosmetics chemicals are assumed safe until found harmful.

We all know that the skin absorbs 60% of everything we apply on it. Ordinary skincare products have ingredients that we would never allow into our bodies if they were part of our food.

Breaking free from these chemicals can feel like an uphill task because they seem to work in the short-term. They stop breakouts, clean the skin, and give us a little splash of color. However, they subtly work havoc into our systems and the planet over time. On the other hand, natural organic products can be both very effective in promoting healthy skin and more environmentally friendly.

If you're wondering whether simple ingredients in natural products will get the job done, consider this: 

1. It Takes Time.

The skin is a sensitive, living organism. It takes time for it to adjust to a new care routine. 

In the beginning, you might notice some changes. Your skin might be a little oilier or drier than normal. But just like we got used to using chemicals on our skin, we can also adapt to natural products.

Sometimes when switching to natural ingredients, the body can react in odd ways as it returns to its natural equilibrium. You might even experience a detox kind of reaction.

Don't panic and run to change the products you're using. Continue your new usage for a couple of weeks. Give your body the time it needs to return to its natural balance.

2. You're Helping The Planet.

Taking up positive habits can seem like an impossible challenge at times. When this happens, remember your "why".

Ditching chemical products has excellent rewards for your body and the world. The oceans, waterways, animals, and the air we breathe are better for it. 

Reminding yourself why the transition is beneficial for you and others is a great way to stay motivated.

3. You Might Have To Experiment A Little.

Your skin might agree with the first natural products you try, or it might take trial and error to find those that work well with your unique skin type.

If the first all-natural products don't work for you (even after an adjustment period), try a few others until you find what your skin loves. Your skin—and the planet—will thank you for it!

With love,

The Sole Toscana Skincare Team.

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