Matcha Green Tea For Amazing Skin

Matcha Green Tea For Amazing Skin

You probably know about the benefits of green tea for your health. Consuming it helps lower blood pressure, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, balances your blood sugar levels, and reduces LDL cholesterol. But how about green tea for great skin?


Apart from regular green tea, there is a unique form of green tea that gives even more significant benefits to the skin- matcha green tea. Due to the unique processing it undergoes, some people consider it as the super green tea.

Difference between matcha and regular green tea

Both green and black tea come from the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves are steamed and dried right after harvest to make green tea. Black tea comes from leaves that are harvested, allowed to dry a bit, and then crushed, curled, rolled, or torn and allowed to oxidize before being dried.


Matcha green tea leaves go through additional processes. A few weeks before harvesting, a covering is placed over the leaves to shield them from direct sun. The plant's growth slows down, stimulating the plant to release more chlorophyll into the leaves. This creates a vibrant, green color and releases more antioxidants.

The leaves are picked, steamed, and then stone-ground to form a green powder (matcha green tea).

You can use this powder to make smoothies and drinks, brew a cup of tea, or add to baked goods.

The power of matcha green tea

This type of green tea contains a higher concentration of antioxidants and other nutrients like L-theanine, an amino acid that gives a feeling of calm . 

You also benefit from the concentrated level of nutrients since you’re consuming the entire leaf. When brewing regular green tea, we steep the leaves in water for a while, and then throw away the leaves.

How potent is matcha versus regular green tea?

The potency of matcha depends on the quality of the product. Some brands are deceitful, adding sugar and synthetic flavorings to their matcha powders yet claiming to produce natural tea.


According to a 2003 study, matcha contains more nutrients than regular green tea. Researchers analyzed levels of caffeine and five catechins in matcha compared to a popular green tea. The levels of epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG) were at least three times higher in the matcha than in regular green tea.

NOTE: The longer the tea remains on the shelf, the more its nutrients degrade. Always look for quality and age when selecting your tea.


There are concerns that Camellia sinensis plants grown in polluted areas, such as China, may contain lead.

Therefore, be cautious when using matcha, particularly for pregnant and lactating women. Go for high-quality matcha grown in rural areas.

Matcha's anti-aging benefits

Scientists differ on the benefits of green tea to health. However, the evidence so far links consumption with cell strength, faster recovery after workouts, and calm alertness. Green tea also contributes to better immunity and potentially helping with weight loss.

Green tea has also been associated with anti-aging due to antioxidants.

Matcha for your skin

Green tea provides several benefits that can slow down the appearance of aging.


Green tea's natural soothing properties help with giving relief to oily and sensitive skin.


The potent antioxidants in matcha green tea protect our skin from environmental stressors. This reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as firmer skin.


The catechins in green tea also protect the skin.

Some researchers have suggested it should be included in sunscreen formulas. 

Matcha green tea mask

Matcha is an excellent option for skincare because it is naturally more potent than regular green tea. Ensure you use a quality matcha green tea product for the best results. 


Mix a tablespoon or two of matcha powder with one or more of the following ingredients, depending on what effects you want.

  •  Several drops lavender oil and one tablespoon of rose water (soothe sensitive skin and minimize the appearance of large pores)
  • One-half to one teaspoon coconut oil (smooth, soft, radiant skin)
  • A tablespoon of yogurt and honey (intense moisture)
  • One egg (absorb excess oil, tighten, and tone)
  • Few drops of lemongrass (cleansing and purifying)
  • Water or aloe vera gel (anti-aging effects)

You can add a little water to any of the above mixtures to create your preferred consistency.


Apply the mixture to your face. Leave it on for 10-15 minutes before rinsing with cold water. Follow with your favorite moisturizer. 

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