Should You Drink Hot or Cold Water?

Should You Drink Hot or Cold Water?

You've heard this countless times- drinking water is essential for optimal health. Water makes up about sixty percent of our body weight. It helps enhance blood circulation and transport nutrients and keeps the vital organs functioning properly.

Health experts recommend drinking a gallon a day, but once you begin the hydration journey, other questions start to emerge. One of the most asked questions is this one:  Is hot water better than cold water?

Does the temperature of the water you drink promote better health?

The answer isn't so precise, but today we're looking into the water temperature question. 

Drinking warm water soon immediately after waking up has fantastic benefits for your health. 

Five reasons to drink warm water every morning

1 Promotes bowel movements: Water provides the large intestine with humidity and helps to regularize bowel movements.

2 Boosts digestion: Warm water improves blood flow in the intestines, thus activating your digestive system.

3 Promotes weight loss: Drinking warm water with lemon is one of the basic tips for weight loss since it boosts your metabolism, meaning you burn calories more effectively.

4 Helps you detox: A mixture of lemon juice and warm water is a perfect detox recipe. The warm water eliminates toxins, while the vitamin C in lemon revives your cells.

5 Alleviates nasal congestion: When you have nasal or throat congestion, drink warm water for natural relief. 

It helps with the expulsion of phlegm (mucous) from the respiratory tract. To soothe a sore throat, drink some warm water with a few drops of raw honey.


1 After a workout session: After exercise, your body temperature rises. Therefore, drinking hot water can increase your fatigue and heighten your feeling of thirst.

2 From the tap: Hot water from the tap is more likely to carry contaminants like lead.


When to take cold water

1 After a workout: Drinking cold water helps your body cool down.

2 On hot days: When it's hot, cold water helps to combat heat stroke. 


While eating: Drinking cold water along with food interferes with digestion. Whether you drink it along with meals or immediately after meals, it can confuse your digestive system. Your body spends a lot of energy to increase its temperature, leading to slow digestion. The cold water causes your blood vessels to shrink, hindering blood flow to your digestive system and causing digestive issues.

In conclusion, drink enough water to stay hydrated and active. When it comes to the question of drinking it warm or cold, make your decision depending on the situation.


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