Skincare For Your 50s

Skincare For Your 50s

As your skin matures, it faces challenges and needs more care. This is more true in your 50s. At this age, you're likely to experience the following: increased dryness, sensitivity, and fine lines, reduced glow, rough texture, and many other problems. 

In the past, a single-product (retinol) was touted as the solution. However, skincare brands have learned that mature skin needs various strategies to strengthen its moisture barrier. Here's how to properly care for your skin in your 50s.

Look for ingredients that strengthen your skin's barrier.

Did you know that estrogen supports healthy skin cell functioning and can help slow down aging? Older women have lower estrogen levels hence less glowy skin. Skin that receives less estrogen can't protect itself, maintain hydration, or produce enough collagen compared to younger skin. Besides, older skin loses its natural lipids. This contributes to a compromised moisture barrier, inflammation, and dehydration.

To help your skin repair the depleted barrier, use a cream rich in the skin's lipids and use it twice a day.

Go For oil-based Products

Mature skin produces less sebum, so you'll want products that infuse oil as you use them. Whether cleansers, moisturizers or serums, choose products with an oil-based formula. For serums, we recommend our Neroli Radiance Serum, which is also rich in antioxidants.

Use Probiotics

As estrogen and lipid levels reduce, the skin's pH turns from acidic to basic. Robyn Gmyrek, a New York City dermatologist, confirms this. Basic pH further weakens the skin's moisture barrier, thus exacerbating sensitivity and dryness. 

Research shows that oral and topically applied probiotics produce acidic molecules such as fatty acids. These molecules restore the skin's pH, enabling it to better retain moisture for improved suppleness and radiance.

How can you add probiotics to your life? Add fermented foods like kefir and yogurt to your diet. You can also take a daily supplement containing lactobacillus and bifidobacterium.

Enzyme Exfoliation

Older skin still needs exfoliation, but a gentler kind. Physical exfoliants that are applied by scrubbing may be too rough. Use enzyme exfoliants instead. For best results, do this twice a week.

Stay Ahead of Wrinkles and Lines

Fine lines and sagging are inevitable as we age. However, you can mitigate their intensity by using products that encourage the production of collagen. Products containing peptides, retinoids, stem cells, and other growth factors will keep your skin looking supple.

Don't Forget Your Neck

Necks have thin skin and lack oil glands. They're also susceptible to gravitational pull. As such, they need as much care as the face. 

Use a generous amount of thick cream twice a day. You don't need a separate face and neck cream, by the way. Once a week, add a drop of your moisturizing retinoid to help thicken the skin.

Love Your Lips

As we grow older, our lips suffer collagen reduction due to intense, repetitive motion and sun damage. To slow down the formation of lip wrinkles, use lip products rich in collagen or peptides.

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