Skincare For Your 60s

Skincare For Your 60s

By the time you're hitting your 60s, you know what products work for your skin. However, you need to pump up your regimen since the effects of aging have intensified. Your skin produces much less collagen than before, leading to sagging and deeper wrinkles. Here are our tips to keep your skin looking young for longer:


This might sound like a cliché, but the older you get, the more moisture your skin needs. Internal hydration by drinking water is the most important, of course. 

For topical hydration, use an intensely moisturizing cream like our Rosehip & Calendula Triple Cream. Deep moisturizing creams help to restore radiance, creating a youthful glow. They also help improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines almost immediately.

Gentle Exfoliation

Just as in your 50s, you'll need to keep a regular exfoliation schedule. Your skin is much slower in generating new cells and shedding old ones. Remember to use enzyme exfoliates, which are gentle since they don't need scrubbing onto the skin. Also, make sure that the active exfoliating ingredients have benefits that outweigh any risks.

Hyaluronic acid 

This ingredient keeps skin moisturized by binding with water, preventing its evaporation from the skin surface. As a result, your skin looks firmer, plumper, and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is reduced.

Our Recommended Daily Routine For Your 60s


Use a gentle cleanser that breaks down makeup and debris without stripping the skin of its oils. We recommend our Rosewater Wellspring Cleanser. It contains hyaluronic acid and aloe vera that moisturize the skin intensely.


Serums are fantastic for removing dark spots. Our Neroli Radiance Serum is packed with vitamin C that helps repair skin and promote collagen production. It also has antioxidants that combat free radicals that speed up aging. Aloe vera and hyaluronic acid are also ingredients in this serum- you already know their benefits by now.


Go for an intensely moisturizing cream, and don't forget to apply it to your neck as well!


Use sunscreen daily, during both hot and cold seasons.

Nighttime Regimen

Clean your skin, then apply a retinol cream. Do this at least an hour before going to bed so that the products have enough time to penetrate the skin.

Note: when using retinol creams, skip the serum. These two treatments may overwhelm the skin when applied at the same time.


Use a facial mask of your choice. Go for one that's both purifying and moisturizing for the best results.

With love,

The Sole Toscana Skincare Team

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