Skincare For Your 70s

Skincare For Your 70s

Society is obsessed with youth. That explains the emergence of all these anti-aging products. As if becoming older is something to be afraid or ashamed of. At Sole Toscana, we believe a woman is beautiful at any age. Today we give you tips on how to keep your skin looking and feeling awesome at 70.

Avoid Drying Out Your Skin

At this age, the skin is even more prone to drying because of diminished collagen and sebum production. Therefore, reduce the number of times you wash it to once a day. Use a gentle, oil-based cleanser that removes dirt while moisturizing skin.

When taking a shower, use lukewarm or cold water. Hot water dries out the skin and leaves you itchy. Follow through with a hydrating, oil-based moisturizer after bathing.

Be Gentle With Your Skin

Use a soft cloth when washing your skin, pat dry after washing (don't rub), apply products using gentle upward motions, wear gloves when doing housework. Mature skin bruises quickly but heals slowly, and is susceptible to extreme drying. Therefore you should treat it with extra care.


Use sunscreen daily, during both hot and cold seasons.

If You Haven't Been Using Retin-A...

Don't start now. Although it stimulates collagen production, it can be irritating and drying to the skin. Since mature skin is already sensitive, avoiding products with this ingredient might be best for those who have never used them.

Thicker Moisturizers at Night

Choose moisturizers with emolliating ingredients such as hyaluronic gel, shea butter, and ceramides. Our Rosehip & Calendula Triple Cream replenishes moisture and provides instant, long-lasting hydration. It also gives you a dewy glow and reduces wrinkles. 

Gentle Exfoliation

Your skin is quite delicate at this age. Keep your exfoliation gentle by using enzyme exfoliants/ peels with a low percentage of glycolic acid.

Humidify Your Home

Dry air makes your skin feel dry and itchy. Use a humidifier to keep indoor humidity between 45% and 60%. A hydrometer measures the humidity in the air- you can buy this instrument at a hardware or home-improvement store.

Sun Protection

Use sunscreen daily, during both hot and cold seasons. Also, stay out of direct sun during the hottest hours of the day. Wear hats if you'll be outdoors for long.

See a Dermatologist for Skin Cancer Screening

We suggest this because from 50 years of age up, your risk of developing skin cancer increases. This risk keeps rising with age. If caught early, cancer cells can be removed, and the need for further treatment eliminated. 

With love,

The Sole Toscana Skincare Team

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