The Danger Lurking in Your Household Cleaners

The Danger Lurking in Your Household Cleaners

Keeping your home clean contributes to you and your family staying healthy, right?  Hold that thought. Research has shown that the cleaning products used by the majority of Americans are highly detrimental to their health, causing problems such as cancer, hormone disruption, and skin irritations.

Harmful compounds in chemical household cleaners 

Most of the household cleaners contain toxic chemicals that have damaging effects on your body.

Their effects are felt even if you wear gloves while cleaning since the surface will still have chemical residue, which you’ll touch later. Also, many cleaning agents disperse their chemical fragrances and particles into the air. These will land in your eyes, on your skin, or be inhaled.

We've highlighted four of the most common chemicals in popular cleaning products and their adverse effects.

1. Phthalates

Phthalates are a group of compounds occurring most commonly in household products that have heavy fragrance. These include countertop sprays, air fresheners, dish soap, and some brands of toilet paper. 

The main problem with phthalates is that they disrupt hormones and affect your thyroid. Hormone disruptors can have detrimental effects on the whole body, especially for newborns and infants. Studies show that phthalates cause genital development in boys, premature breast development in girls, and can also reduce sperm quality in adult men.

2. Triclosan

This antibacterial chemical is present in chemical household cleaners and beauty products. Just as with phthalates, triclosan has been shown to disrupt human hormones. Studies show that its effect on estrogen and its receptors cause it to encourage the spread of certain cancers, as well as interfere with thyroid function. 

3. 2-butoxyethanol

This ingredient is found in surface and window cleaners and has severely harsh side effects. According to the EWG, it can cause skin irritation and respiratory irritation when inhaled.

It also causes genetic defects, depresses the central nervous system and causes pulmonary edema, reproductive toxicity, and cancer. 

4. Ammonia

Studies show that this common ingredient in chemical household cleaners is extremely irritating to your lungs, exacerbating respiratory conditions like bronchitis and asthma. 

Other studies show that ammonia is harmful to the brain by interfering with its energy pathways and cells. 

DIY natural disinfectants for safer cleaning

Reading about the harmful effects of some of your favorite products is scary. Luckily, there are many natural options you can switch to, and they get the job done effectively.

For example, this 3-Ingredient, All-Purpose Spray only contains natural ingredients and is tough against grime and germs.


Essential oils are 100 percent naturally extracted from leaves, fruits, grasses, and barks. The lemon and orange essential oils are antibacterials that eliminate potent bacteria strains like E. coli and Staph. What's more, they smell marvelous without the addition of chemical fragrance.


If you don't have apple cider vinegar, use regular white vinegar. Vinegar has been used for ages as a natural disinfectant. The ascetic acid in it effectively kills some of the most potent bacteria like tuberculosis.

Natural, all-purpose spray that smells like summer

Check out this amazing 3-Ingredient, All-Purpose Spray below that will keep surfaces clean and shiny, it takes a few minutes to make, and won't jeopardize your health.


5 drops each of orange and lemon essential oils

1 cup of water

1 cup apple cider or white vinegar


Pour all the ingredients into a spray bottle and shake to combine. Spray on surfaces as needed and wipe the grime away. This spray remains fresh at room temperature.

With love,

The Sole Toscana Beauty Team

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