Turn Your Bathtime into Selfcare Time

Turn Your Bathtime into Selfcare Time

There's nothing as relaxing as soaking in a bubbly bath, in the company of scented candles and soft tunes. Bathtime can be more than just a duty to get you clean. You can transform it into a haven of peace and relaxation, a home spa. 

It is challenging in a world that demands so much of our time and energy to get things done, plus nurture our family relationships, and meet the needs of the people who are important to us, to prioritize our own wellbeing.

Self-care is essential to maintaining our physical, mental, and emotional health—and the way we choose to take care of ourselves can be as basic as taking a shower in the morning or as elaborate as spending some serious money to go on a week-long spa retreat!

The self-care bath ritual suggestions below strike a nice balance between basic and elaborate—offering you the freedom to tailor it your needs in the best way that works for you.  

Here are a few tips to elevate your bathtime from 0 to 100 without doing too much.


A bubble bath is nice, but including pleasant scents takes it to the next level. We recommend switching your regular bubble bath for Sole Toscana's fantastic Awakening Organic Body Wash. The natural aromatherapy of cypress, lemon, and mint essential oils scents will get you in a relaxed mood.


Netflix and chill doesn't always have to be on the couch. Take it to the tub and get your skin nourished as your mind is entertained. Win-win! Set up your iPad and stream an episode or two of your favorite series.

WARNING: to avoid injuries and ruining your tablet, set it up on a stool or chair a safe distance from the water. Also, keep a towel nearby to dry your hands before you touch it. 

If bingeing is not your style, maybe bring your favorite novel, put the bath cushion behind your head, relax into the bubbles and immerse yourself in the intrigue of your novel.

Perhaps your idea of self-care heaven is a bluetooth waterproof speaker wafting your favorite tunes as you close your eyes and practice your breathing techniques! 


If your hair has been battered by blow-drying, colorizing, or harsh environments, use bathtime to shower your strands with TLC. Squeeze a few pumps of our Awakening Organic Shampoo into a container and dilute with about a cup of water. Get into the tub, work the mixture through your hair from root to tip, and let it sit until you finish your soak. When you're through with your bath, rinse your hair, then let it air dry. You'll enjoy hydrated, shiny, healthy hair for the next few weeks!

Rather than jumping out of the tub to quickly towel off, dress, and get on with your day, try taking at least an extra 5 to 10 minutes at the end of your bath for one last thing—self-massage. Massaging your skin with natural oil or lotion can help get you more in touch with your physical body in ways that can help improve body positivity and self-love.  Your feet will thank you!

 With love,

The Sole Toscana Beauty Team

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