Use These 4 Ingredients for A More Filling Salad

Use These 4 Ingredients for A More Filling Salad

Have you tried eating salads more frequently, but gave up because you were too hungry and the salads didn’t satisfy you?

Eating a salad daily is a fantastic weight-loss tool, but if it doesn’t fill you up, it can be detrimental.

Getting hungry between lunch and snack time increases your chances of eating the wrong things—salty snacks, high-fat processed foods, and sweet treats.

To keep yourself full for longer, you need to mix plenty of carbs, protein, fiber, and healthy fats with your greens.

4 things to spice up your salads 


Since protein needs more energy to digest, that helps to keep you feeling full longer. When you eat protein, your body releases a hormone called leptin that tells your brain that you’re full.

Protein also aids in building and repairing your cells and keeping your muscles and skin healthy. 

Some of the healthiest protein options for salads include free-range chicken, wild-caught salmon, hard-boiled eggs, or beans. If you like, you can also add some nuts or a dressing made from Greek yogurt.


Fiber keeps your digestive tract from getting clogged up, but you have to eat the right kind of fiber.

Consuming soluble fiber soaks up liquid in your intestines, keeping you full for hours.

Examples of soluble fiber include raspberries, beans, slices of apple, or artichoke hearts.


Complex carbs have lots of minerals and amino acids, which are great for boosting your health.

The body also takes a long time to digest them, which means they release their energy over hours, keeping you full.

If you make a batch of brown rice or quinoa at the beginning of the week, you can add it to your salads to make them more satisfying.



Fat in a salad seems unhealthy, but when you add a little bit, this sends your brain a message that you’re full.

Healthy options include seeds, nuts, and oils, or a few slices of avocado.

In summary, the fiber makes you feel full right away while the protein keeps you satisfied for longer. The carbs give you additional energy and the fat sends your body a message to stop eating. 

When you stop viewing salads as nothing but tomatoes, lettuce, and cucumbers and start adding in these essential elements, you’ll enjoy them much more.

If you desire added flavor, slice up fresh herbs like dill or basil, or throw in some chopped jalapeno for a boost of heat.

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