Want to Look and Feel Amazing? Try Meditation

Want to Look and Feel Amazing? Try Meditation

In today's world, quick fixes are the norm. Coffee is the answer to low energy levels, a glass of wine cures low moods, and we reach for painkillers for every little pain we feel. 

We don't stop to investigate the source of these problems. Instead, we cover them up. If we were to look at the root cause, most of the time, it's stress.

How bad is it?

Doctors have labeled stress the "black plague" of this century. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, chronic stress accounts for 80% of all hospital visits. It contributes to several physical and psychological problems, like high blood pressure and depression.

The solution

Meditation is the answer. It makes sense that if stress messes up so many things in our minds and bodies, then getting rid of it is vital to maintaining good health.

There are a myriad of meditation techniques, each with their benefits. One type of meditation eliminates old stresses that have accumulated in our cells. This is done by giving the body deep healing rest, also known as de-exciting the nervous system. 

Your brain is freed up to use more power for important tasks instead of fighting stress.

How meditation helps you sleep

Everything in the human body is interconnected. When you meditate, you use that time to remove stress from the body. So when your sleep time comes, your body is ready for sleep. When you get enough rest, your functionality improves.

One study conducted by Harvard proved the direct correlation between meditation and better sleep. After six meditation sessions, those who took part in the study had less fatigue, depression, and insomnia. 


When the body is stressed, it goes into overdrive fighting the stress, and our immune systems get weighed down. You also have less energy for your other functions.

Meditating twice a day every day helps to lower the stress in your body and therefore decreases your probability of becoming sick.

Meditation is one of the therapeutic activities that provide relief for our immune systems. This practice eases the daily stress of a body always in defense mode. 


Reducing stress doesn't only help in dealing with 'small' ailments, but chronic illness too. Meditation may not entirely cure some of these ailments, but you're equipped to manage the mental frustrations that result from chronic illness.

Less stress = younger-looking skin

The benefits of meditation go beyond boosting mental health. They also lead to improved physical appearance. In psychodermatology, practitioners focus on the connection between human emotions and the skin's health. When we're stressed out, the body produces acid to stop digestion.

This acid seeps onto your skin and accelerates aging by breaking down skin elasticity.

Start today

The best time to start is now. Don't overwhelm yourself by going for complex techniques; start with easy ones a few minutes a day. As you get used to meditation, you'll build your tolerance and skill, and enjoy a more relaxed life overall.

With love,

​The Sole Toscana Beauty Team