What's The Big Deal About Clean Beauty?

What's The Big Deal About Clean Beauty?

You must have noticed the new shift toward natural products. Many brands are now labeling their skincare products as 'natural,' 'clean,' or 'organic.' But how true is this?

These terms are widely used yet a good number of brands aren't fully honest - especially in skincare. They don't disclose all the ingredients in their products or they use flowery labels while using synthetic chemical ingredients (a practice known as "Green Washing").

When it comes to ingredients, formulators aren't required to disclose everything they use. As such, companies often include harsh chemicals in our everyday products and still mark them as all-natural, pure, or eco-friendly. 

Besides, there isn't a uniform definition for these words. It's not uncommon for companies to stretch those terms. Consumers who desire clean living should learn how to study ingredient labels, and know what ingredients are genuinely non-toxic.

Why is it important to study and assess these so-called "natural" beauty products?

The ingredients in your lotions, shampoos, and makeup products don't stay on the skin surface. They're absorbed into the bloodstream and can accumulate in your bones and fat. One application of toxic chemicals is unlikely to cause harm, but they can cause severe problems over time. Some ingredients like Triclosan and 1,4 Dioxane have been linked to organ system toxicity, cancers, and hormone disruption. All these problems just from beauty products! Who would have thought?

This is alarming news, but don't despair. There are lots of safer alternatives in the market— like us! 

At Sole Toscana, we're not only committed to making clean, all-natural products but also, we're fully transparent about our all ingredients.

You deserve to know what is going into and on your body, and we agree. Unlike so many companies that are claiming to be what they aren't, we take pride in sharing everything about what's in our products. And, to give you extra peace of mind, all of our products are 3rd party certified organic by Natrue to give you complete certainty.  Why is it important to you that we are certified by Natrue? Natrue has three levels of certification and certified organic is the highest level of certification.

1. Natural Skin Care And Make-Up 

The strict rules for ingredients and their processing apply. The 100% natural ingredients do not necessarily have to come from certified organic agriculture.

2. Natural Skin Care And Make-Up With An Organic Portion

The product is 100% natural and > 70% of the ingredients come from certified organic agriculture and/or controlled wild collection.

3. Organic Skin Care And Make-Up 

The product is 100% natural and > 95% of the ingredients come from certified organic agriculture and/or controlled wild collection.

Also, complete product from the formulation to market is audited every 2 years.

Using clean beauty products isn't just a trend, but essential for your overall health. And it's not such a daunting task to find such products when you've already found Sole Toscana! If you're feeling overwhelmed by the variety of products, try our 4-Step Sole Toscana Skincare then you can make your decision.

Much love,

The Sole Toscana Skincare Team


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