Why You Need to Try Facial Massages

Why You Need to Try Facial Massages

Everybody knows that massages are an incredible form of physical therapy that transport us into dreamworld. However, not many people know that a facial massage is equally as relaxing and greatly relieves tension.

Five benefits of facial massages

Pampering and relaxation aside, facial massages have many age-defying and therapeutic effects. Here are the top five.

1. Firm facial muscles 

Stimulating and massaging your facial muscles is just as crucial as the rest of your fitness routine.

Facial massages are similar to a regular weight lifting regimen. This action keeps your facial muscles from sagging with age and stress.

There's a recent trend of facial yoga that keeps the face muscles toned, and skin lifted.  Face Yoga  involves massage and exercises that stimulate the muscles, skin, and lymphatic system. This technique is designed to soften and relax your face muscles to help alleviate tension, stress, and worry. This practice may also help you stop making the facial expressions associated with those feelings. 

2. Release tension 

Tense facial muscles create more stress on the skin, thereby causing more wrinkles. Daily facial massages fight off wrinkles better than any beauty product. 

Massage your face for a few minutes daily to experience fewer fine lines in the future.

3. Smoother complexion

Regular 10-20 minute facial massages increase blood and oxygen flow, slowly and gently eliminating any bumps with fewer chances of acne breakouts.

Gently massage your face in small concentric circles. Don't tug at delicate skin. 

If you are prone to oily breakouts, a ten-minute massage is usually sufficient. Dry and flaky skin can endure a massage up to twenty minutes a day.

4. Better absorption

Facial massages help products like serums and facial oils penetrate your skin better. Consider the massage time as a form of self-care.

5. Eliminate toxins

Facial massage that use some castor oil has been used to eliminate toxins for centuries. This oil also helps your skin to regenerate, thus remaining youthful and flawless.


One of the central components of castor oil is ricinoleic acid. This is an unsaturated hydroxy and omega-9 fatty acid that has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Castor oil can do wonders for blemish-prone skin and evens out complexion naturally.

You can do castor oil treatments a few times a week or use it daily to remove makeup. With time, your skin will improve massively. 

DIY home facial massage


One bottle of jojoba oil (or any other oil that works well with your skin) 

One bottle of cold-pressed castor oil 

One empty bottle for mixing and storage

One clean face cloth


  • Pour the two oils into your empty bottle and shake to combine. Aim for a 50/50 mixture of each oil. If your skin is oily, use less castor oil and more jojoba, but if your skin needs more moisture, use more castor oil.
  • Squeeze a quarter-size amount of oil onto your palm and massage it into your face in gentle circular and soft tapping motions.
  • As the oil mixture warms up, take note of any blackheads, cysts, or dry patches. Close your eyes while massaging for 3 minutes or up to 20 minutes, depending on what your skin needs and the time you have.
  • Drape your clean facial cloth wet with hot water over your face. The hot steam will open up your pores and enable the castor oil to dissolve dirt and oil stuck in your pores.
  • Re-wet the cloth with steaming hot water each time it gets cold. Repeat the process until most of the oil mixture has been removed from your face.

    Go pro

    You can also choose to go to a certified esthetician who uses all-natural products that nourish your skin, with no artificial additives.


    A one-hour facial can cost anything from $30-$300 depending on the professional's experience, the spa, and the products used. 

    If you can't afford a pricey, top-quality facial, don't worry. Use the above castor oil and jojoba oil recipe for a relaxing at-home facial massage. 

    With love,

    The Sole Toscana Beauty Team

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