Hi there!  I’m Nu Sebastiani, Founder of Sole Toscana.

My husband is from an Italian family and as a new mom, I started becoming a lot more aware of what was going into my body. I took a closer look at the skin-care products I was using and found a long list of chemical names I didn’t recognize.

Sole Toscana - Nu Sebastiani

I began researching Italian skin-care and with help from family, I was able to connect with a team of brilliant holistic women scientists and the perfect Italian farm for the freshest ingredients. 

The result is Sole Toscana Skincare. Sole Toscana is based on artisanal Italian beauty recipes, time-tested for generations, and safely refined to create the best possible skincare.

I personally guarantee each and every Sole Toscana product.   If you don’t like it for any reason, just let me know (nu@soletoscana.com) before you use it all! – and I’ll ensure you receive a full refund.

Sole Toscana - Nu Signature