Our name “Sole Toscana” is a homage to heritage, inspiration and modern sensibilities. The “Sole” in Sole Toscana comes from Latin “Sola” for a single, independent woman, while in English it means "one and only" and in Italian the "sun" with all its radiance. Toscana comes from Latin “Tusci” for the people, culture and way of life, in English it is the root of "Tuscany" and in Italian is the feminine form, encompassing the entirety of the region, land and people. 

Along with our name, our logo is a play on meaning and symbolism. Our logo shows the one and only Siennese sun shining down upon and nourishing a community of Tuscan cypress trees. These elements are iconic representations of the Tuscan region but also symbolize how we seek to brighten and nourish the Sole Toscana community.