5 Ways to Beat The Winter Blues

5 Ways to Beat The Winter Blues

When the cold season rolls around, so do the feelings of being blue, depressed, or generally sluggish. These feelings can ruin your days by making them feel overwhelmingly exhausting. You seem to have little to no energy to motivate yourself and function normally.

How should you care for yourself during this time?

Self-care is the answer. What is self-care? Activities that improve your mental, emotional, and physical health. Most of the images on social media related to self-care are about indulgent luxury baths, decadent spa visits, or exotic trips. However, this wellness practice doesn't have to be expensive.

Here are some of our top hacks to manage your emotions for a better emotional and mental state.

1. Disconnect and recharge

You may not always manage to take paid time away from work, but you can carve time out of your day for small breaks (me time). For instance, you can walk all, or part, of the way to and from work rather than taking the bus or cab. As you walk, pay attention to what's around you- plants, animals, colors, the shape of clouds, etc. You'll be surprised how much you often take for granted.

Social media breaks are another form of disconnecting. Use the time away from social media to pick up a book or revisit a hobby you've shelved for a while. 

Other forms of self-care include journaling, switching work shifts with coworkers, listening to some of your favorite music, watching a movie, or simply taking a nap.

2. Write 

Writing is a potent healing tool, but most people don't realize this.  

Putting your feelings into words on paper helps you process them better and releases some of the pain you're experiencing. 

If you're angry at someone who is far away from you, journaling can help ease some of the rage. Write to the person as if they're listening to your words physically. With time, you'll start to feel lighter emotionally.

3. Detox- from people

Detoxing doesn't apply to diets only. There are certain people you know who push you into a diminished emotional state. They either bring negative energy into our space, causing us to feel drained or always have something negative to say. Stay away from them as much as possible.


Establishing boundaries is essential to our well-being, even when dealing with loved ones. Once you figure out your limits, hold people accountable for how they treat you. If someone repeatedly disregards these limits, distance yourself from them. It doesn't mean you completely don't want them in your life. Instead, it means they should respect your needs and treat you better.

4. Indulge!

Life is too unpredictable for you to wait for a 'special' occasion to have a good time. If there's an art class or restaurant you've wanted to check out, go. Is there a trip you've planned for years but never gone, waiting for the 'right' moment? Wait no longer. Do it. 

Immerse yourself in activities that excite you more often.


Make a list of everything that makes you happy, whether big or small. From watching the sunset, listening to music, preparing a particular dish to exploring new places, write them all in a list. Doing this helps you be more aware of what brings you joy.

5. Reach out 

There is no shame in asking for help when you feel overwhelmed. Having a reliable support system takes the weight off your shoulders. 


Having someone who will listen without judging you makes things easier. If you don't feel comfortable sharing with a friend or close family just yet, there are other options. Therapy, religious groups, meet-ups, or your medical provider are some places to find support.


Unfortunately, too many people suffer in silence, yet they could benefit greatly from professional help. Professional mental health workers have the education and tools to point you in the right direction. You'll learn from them what your triggers are and how to manage them.

Be open-minded

You might need to try different methods of managing your mood before finding those that work for you. Also, remember that these methods aren't magic. Sometimes you'll need to develop a routine before you see results.

Emotional management can be complicated and requires consistent upkeep. If you push through, though, you'll enjoy an improved quality of life.  

With love,

​The Sole Toscana Beauty Team

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