Embracing Our Naturally Beautiful Selves

As women, we’ve been told from a young age that beauty looks a certain way. We’ve been told how to look, how to dress–how we need to change in order to be beautiful.

In recent years, there’s been a general movement to embrace beauty from different colors, shapes, ages, and sizes of women. We celebrate this shift, and we believe we still have a long way to go.

So, how does skincare and beauty fit into this movement? Our favorite analogy for embracing natural beauty through skincare is thinking about how we care for our Mother Earth.

Mother Earth is naturally beautiful. We’ve all experienced those awe-inspiring moments with nature–witnessing a beautiful sunset, watching flowers bloom, catching a glimpse of a short-lived rainbow, gazing into the expanse of the ocean–the list goes on because the natural beauty of Earth comes in different colors, shapes, ages, and sizes.

We’ve also been witnesses to the negative impacts of not caring for Earth. From pollution, to piles of trash, to depleted forests, we’ve seen how the natural beauty of Earth can be destroyed and forgotten.

Just like we need to take care of Mother Earth to embrace and enhance her natural beauty, we can better take care of ourselves to embrace and enhance our naturally beautiful selves.

Are we “pruning”, “watering”, and “reducing waste” in our skincare practices? Are we mindful of how the products we are using make us feel? Are we building a better relationship with ourselves in the process?

With using skincare as a form of self-care, we don’t need to worry about our shapes and sizes, our colors, or our signs of aging.

Instead, we can be confident in our natural beauty. We can be one with who we are. And we can build a connection with our naturally beautiful selves that is unique and beautiful for each of us.

At Sole Toscana, we are focused on building naturally beautiful skincare products that enable embracing our naturally beautiful selves. The 4-step Sole Toscana Skincare Set is clean, simple, and effective–inspired by generations of Italian skincare ingredients and practices truly built to bring out the natural beauty in every woman.

So please, join us in the movement to embrace our naturally beautiful selves. How are you embracing and enhancing your natural beauty? And how can we better inspire the women around us to do the same?

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