What Does Beauty Really Mean?

What Does Beauty Really Mean?

How would you define a beautiful woman? Is it by her looks? Her demeanor? How she feels about herself? We share some of our thoughts below:

Beauty is a multifaceted concept. It goes beyond physical appearance.  A beautiful woman's spirit shines through her looks and speaks to your intelligence and imagination.  There is something about a beautiful woman which is intriguing.  She is intriguing in the same way a classic painting or beautiful composition that speaks to our soul is. Like the painting, she is more than the painted sight and like the classical composition, she is more than just the sound. A  beautiful woman's very essence whispers to our being.  She stirs something inside of us that inspires us to be more and to do more.

Beauty is the gracefulness in a woman's heart.  It is the kindness with which she lives and the care for others she displays. It is in her giving soul.  She encourages others and and seeks to make others feel good.  She shares her love and kindness by giving a listening ear, a lending hand, a new perspective that helps the situation.  It is in her perfection and in her every flaw.  It is the way she laughs and the way her eyes tear up at those certain moments because she cares so much. She sees beauty in everything and appreciates it all. 

 Beauty also encompasses how a woman feels about herself. Her confidence and belief in herself radiates a beauty that draws others to her.

As long as you love who you are and show that to the world, you're beautiful!
When you are loving and kind, beauty shines from your spirit no matter your physique.

We believe that a beautiful woman is one who is interested in the greater good and embraces all kinds of people.  Part of being a beautiful woman is holding space for others.  This is the power to keep people, children, and life together.  It is women who hold this space and women who share the love that nurtures others.  

Contrary to what the media propagates, there is no standard definition of beauty. Beautiful women come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Beauty is something that you don't need to define- you demonstrate it.  Believe it on the inside, and it will show on the outside. 

Remember, everyone is unique. That's the beauty of life- we can't all be the same. Everyone has beauty!  Embrace your unique beauty and encourage other women to do the same.

With love,
The Sole Toscana Skincare Team.